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17 May- Bulgaria celebrated the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia
an article by Diana Tashkova

The 17th May 2011 was an important day for Bulgaria. Some Bulgarians were celebrating the world Hypertension day by free medical examinations and getting advices how to preserve their cardio-vascular system. The others were devoted to the idea of tolerance for people with different sexual orientation by organized activities in the capital city Sofia by provoking public interest in the problems of LGBT( lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people and to give clear idea of the consequences of homophobia and transphobia which remain unknown.

More respect and implementation of the rights of LGBT people

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The celebration started early in the morning by the medical students from the Medical University of Sofia. The future doctors sent their message of tolerance and acceptance to their fellow citizens by a „ Rainbow Flag” and posters that they have already prepared for the event. The initiative was made by The Committee on Human Rights and Peace in „Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria”.

A video telling the true stories of people who have been victims of homophobia has been presented in the afternoon at the metro station of Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski”. They were sharing opinion about physical abuse in the society, on the workplace and at home. Another human being story told how the bad experience of domestic abuse in teenage years results in a suicide attempt. The movie "I am not a target" impressed many people during the day and it affirmed the increasing human solidarity and sensitivity in Bulgarian citizens.

In addition to that, a tour along the centrals boulevards brought together 80 boys and girls of all ages devoted to the idea of ensuring full legal equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-sexual people by „Cycling against homophobia” in Sofia. The slogans were telling us „No more Hatred” and „Sofia without Homophobia” as a symbol of their struggle against prejudices that are prevalent in the society. This is real progress for LGBT Bulgarians, who have traditionally been quiet about these issues.

This first step in the filed done by the National Assembly of the Republic for first time, points out a successful development of respect and implementation of the rights of LGBT people.

The celebration finished with a wonderful exhibition”Images against Homophobia” by the American photographers Charles Meacham and Sarah Baxter that will stay here for 2 weeks. The exhibition is outside the Courthouse and everyone is welcome to see it for free. The facade of the Ministry of Justice is a sign of necessary tolerance and support because we are all born free and equal and we all have the same rights simply because we are humans.


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Latest reader comment:

Cuando hablamos con la gente sobre la importancia de trabajar por la paz y promover la unidad de la humanidad, a veces hay personas que plantean que la paz y unidad no son posibles y presentan argumentos que para ellos son razonable y hasta científicos.

Hemos estado recopilando estas creencias y teorías, tratando de entender en qué supuestos y evidencias se fundamentan, y buscando maneras de responder a satisfacción de quienes las plantean. ¡Es mucho trabajo! Puedes ver los resultados en

Les agradeceríamos compartir con nosotros algún elemento adicional que nos falte, ya sean otras teorías o creencias que cuestionan la posibilidad de la paz y unidad, o maneras de responder a satisfacción del oyente. Gracias.

This report was posted on 06.02.2011.