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Letter from Kivu, Congo
an article by J. Olivier NLANDU

Dear CPNN readers,

I would like to inform you that taking into account the situation of fragile peace in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Northern and Southern Kivu), I am in the process of organizing a movement of youth called Youth for Peace, Love and Development (JPAD in initials). Indeed, several parameters make peace fragile in this part of the country and youth is the target in all ways. They are victims on the socio-economic level but also often utilised by the armed groups to be foot soldiers; note that recruitment of children and young people continues in this part of the country).

This movement is taking root in Beni, North-Kivu where I am leading an NGO called Foundation Simon de Cyrène and hopefully it will be able to extend to Bunia, Gummed, Bukavu and Uvira. The first phase consists of an awakening of conscience among the young people to take responsibility for their future. What is important for the moment is to able to support us by providing us tools (treatises, booklets, audio-visual tools, etc) on the culture of peace. I know that we have to learn much but with the support of the network, we can succeed.

I am at present in Kampala for a training on the fight against the HIV-AIDS epidemic among the young people. I will return to Beni towards the end of this month. You can reach us here at and also at Because of the problems of postal delivery in the DRC, materials should be sent to us at J. Olivier NLANDU, Fondation Simon de Cyrène, P.O Box 15046 Kampala, Uganda.

That's all. I look forward to hearing from you.

[editor's note: click here for original French text.]


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Rapport de Kivu, Congo.

par J. Olivier NLANDU.

Chers lecteurs de CPNN,

Je tiens à vous informer que compte tenu de la situation de paix fragile dans l'est de la RDCongo (Nord et Sud Kivu), je suis en train d'organiser un mouvement de la jeunesse dénommé Jeunesse pour la Paix, l'Amour et le développement, JPAD en sigle. En effet, plusieurs paramètres rendent la paix fragile dans cette partie du pays et la jeunesse est la cible sur tous les plans. (Victime sur le plan socio-économique mais aussi souvent utilisé par les groupes armés comme hommes de front; notez que le recrutement d'enfants et des jeunes continue dans cette partie du pays). . .

Ce mouvement prend racine à Beni, Nord-Kivu ou je suis en train de conduire une ONG appelé Fondation Simon de Cyrène et pourra s'étendre sur Bunia, Goma, Bukavu et Uvira. La première phase consiste à un réveil de conscience parmi les jeunes pour une prise de responsabilité sur leur avenir. Ce qui est important pour le moment c'est de pouvoir nous appuyer en nous fournissant plusieurs outils (traité, brochures, outils audio-visuels, etc) sur la culture de la paix. . ...more.

This report was posted on October 11, 2008.