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Springboard Opportunities
an article by Sarah

Established in 1992, Springboard, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has delivered projects such as the Tell It Like It Is project that involved the communities of Shankill, West Belfast and Manorhamilton in Leitrim in building mutual understanding through development of a joint interactive cultural exhibition. Although it is perhaps best known for the delivery of Wider Horizons programmes for young adults. Through the Wider Horizons initiative, young adults from disadvantaged communities in Ireland, north and south, continue to come together and engage in highly interactive development programmes. With programme time spent on locations at home and overseas in countries such as Canada, America, Europe and South Africa, participants are not only challenged but also supported throughout their journey of self discovery. Many leave us to embark on the next successful stage in their journey, as a world citizen with greater confidence, skills and an appreciation of diversity.

Global Peacebuilders is an exciting transnational project delivered by Springboard, and connects peacebuilders from across the world through a multilingual online hub to exchange skills, experience, resources and develop collaborative working. Through online profiles, publication of a multilingual catalogue of peacebuilding approaches and an international conference in 2008, learning is showcased in a dynamic forum and shared for the benefit of all across the world. Visit Global Peacebuilders at:

As the journey from conflict to peace progresses in Northern Ireland, Springboard continues to contribute to reconciliation and building a sustainable peace. As we move through this transition and look to the future and outwards, Springboard has launched a Peace Day Campaign to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace on 21st September and to encourage all citizens to reflect and mark their support for ceasefire and non-violence in the rest of the world. Support the campaign and visit the Peace Day site at:

To learn more about Springboard and access information about its programme, visit


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How are you celebrating Peace Day?,

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Latest reader comment:

It is difficult to find extensive listings of the many events celebrating the International Day of Peace around the world.  An exception is the United Religions Initiative which lists events for the IDP 2014 by their affiliates in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, United States and the Philippines.

This report was posted on July 23, 2008.