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Peace Ambassadors
an article by Richard Proulx

The Peace Ambassadors program is an excellent complement to the educational work of elementary and secondary schools. By its objectives, purposes and results, it contributes positively to improving the future of young people, by mobilizing them to create a more peaceful world, filled with tolerance and with respect.

At the center of the program are teenagers who serve as young ambassadors and all the rest revolves around them. These teenagers, assisted by ambassador-speakers, pass on their convictions, understanding and reflections on peace to children in primary schools.

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Each ambassador team is formed by two teenagers and one speaker. It is the teenagers who are responsible for animating activity with spirit and dynamism. The speaker is present to support the teenagers by completing their animation and by helping with logistics such as posters and transportation. The speaker is also responsible to ensure the quality of the animation, manage any urgent or problematic situation with regard to a child and to notify school administrators according to pre-established protocols.

In addition, the role of a peace ambassador goes beyond just giving a message to primary school children. They are "representatives" of the peace in their daily life with their friends and family with a mission to share their reflections on peace and the tools that they acquire as peace ambassadors.

It is important to underline that the Peace Ambassador program has been recognized by UNESCO in their collection, " Good practices of nonviolent conflict resolution in schools, Some examples" which they published in 2002. The article on the Peace Ambassadors program may be found on page 15 of the collection which is on the website Unescdoc.

Since 1999 in Quebec hundreds of teenagers have served as Peace Ambassadors for children in primary schools, and since 2002, the program has also been carried out in Lebanon with teenagers who wish to work for a better world

We believe sincerely in the positive implication and in the dynamism of the youth to change the current social climate.

To contact us:

Peace Ambassadors
C.P. 665
Saint-Nicolas, Québec
G7A 1A6

E-mail :
Website in French


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This report was posted on October 28, 2007.