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Jewish-Muslim Email Dialogue Success
an article by Roger Eaton

Here in Los Angeles we have recently finished the first segment of a Jewish-Muslim email dialogue on human rights with outstanding results. We are using a new methodology, where groups exchange messages online by voting to elect the message to be sent from one group to another. The technology is designed to give the advantage to those seeking positive solutions.

For details of the dialogue, see our website.

The final message of the dialogue was elected by the two groups together - Jews and Muslims together adopted the following 5 point agenda for Southern California:

1) Establish spiritual partnering between local synagogues and mosques for the study of text, history and values that emphasizes Muslim and Jewish convivencia.

2) Establish joint efforts to monitor and respond to human rights violations of the Muslim community in Sourthern California in relationship to the Patriot Act, as well as monitor anti-Jewish actions as they occur in our communities.

3) Actively promote Jewish and Palestinian peacemakers who work together toward coexistence and an end to state and communal violence in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and the Middle East as part of our work together.

4) Actively promote the bringing together of youth in our communities and involve them in work for human rights that arise from their concerns.

5) Bring together circles of Muslim and Jewish women who can support each other and learn about each other's unique role in Muslim and Jewish life.

If you are Jewish or Muslim and want to participate in a continuation of the dialogue, please contact me at


Question(s) related to this article:

The GroupDialog online consensus building methodology,, Would CPNN or other groups want to experiment with it?

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Latest reader comment:

braisz, thanks for good words on the technology of the Group Dialog process.  I did look up the Center for Islamic Pluralism and found its executive director, Stephen Schwarz to be something of a neocon. An interesting fellow for sure, but too harsh on American Muslim groups CAIR and MPAC, in my estimation.

This report was posted on June 29, 2005.