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Mexico: "The Crusade for a culture of peace" comes to Morelos
an article by María Esther L. Martínez, La Union, Mexico

The National Executive Committee (CEN) of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) launched yesterday in Morelos "The Crusade for a culture of peace", in order to sensitize the society on the issue of violence and bullying.

Beatriz Pagés

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Morelos is the second state in which the program is started, according to the Secretary of Culture of the PRI-CEN, Beatriz Pagés, who explained that it is designed to reach the most marginalized communities, as well as those where higher rates of school violence are recorded.

Accompanied by the acting president of the PRI in Morelos, Jorge Schiaffino Isunza; the Culture Secretary of Morelos, Dulce María Acosta and the Mayor of Cuernavaca, Jorge Morales Baroud; Beatriz Pagés said that "the solution to the problem of bullying requires joint action by the school, parents, political parties, churches, community leaders, and of course the different spheres of government."

She said that these actions taken by the PRI throughout the country, are "an act of community service with the intention of joining with the government's efforts against this scourge that must be banished from schools, families and communities in general. "

The National Campaign for a Culture of Peace invites the public to participate in a series of conferences to hear the different views of experts in the field and and from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, that provides lectures and orientation to attendees.

Fernando Zamora and Julio Villegas followed by a question and answer session organized by the PRI in Morelos.

(Click here for a Spanish version of this article)


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This report was posted on 14 octubre 2014.