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International Day of Peace Celebration in Zanzibar
an article by Ali Mussa Mwadini, Executive Secretary & Peace Activist, ZPTTA NGO Zanzibar (abridged)

Our organization Zanzibar Peace, Truth & Transparency Association needs to bring together the Zanzibar community. We seek to promote and sustain a true culture of peace as an urgent task in the Zanzibar community and Tanzania at large that requires the commitment and engagement of all the people in the country. We are focusing on a true culture of peace and related development issues such as human rights, gender equality, democracy, good governance and rule of law within the Zanzibar Community and Tanzania. ZPTTA NGO is a non-profit, non political and non religious organization, which works with the objective of promoting and sustaining a true culture of peace in the Country.

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On 21 September each year the world celebrates the International Day of Peace. We mark the day with conferences and speeches in order to highlight to the world how we approach the challenge of building lasting peace in the Zanzibar Community and to show our best practices and some of the outstanding results that have been achieved to date. This year our Organization with our partners Tanzania Youth Icon came out with a concurrent resolution( KAULI MBIU ) as follows : YES PEACE ( NDIYO AMANI ) I WANT PEACE ( NATAKA AMANI ) NO WAR ( VITA HAPANA ) I DO NOT WANT WAR ( SITAKI VITA)


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What is needed for culture of peace in Zanzibar?,

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(Editor's note: The following analysis was provide to CPNN by Ali Mussa Mwadin, the author of the article about ZPTTA )


For centuries Zanzibar had been a peaceful place and its people who had different origins lived in unity and harmony. However the peace and tranquility that was a hallmark of Zanzibar was shaken when political parties were established in the late 1950s and early 1960s to fight for independence. The main political parties  were the Zanzibar Nationalist Party (ZNP) and the ASP afro shirazi  Part ( ASP ).  Despite the political misunderstanding, yet people continued to live a peaceful life.

Believe me that people were sleeping outside their houses during hot seasons, with the doors open. No one will tell you otherwise. Now our doors are all shuttered with iron bars.  All shops were left open during prayers. No shops were closed, whether day or night. . ...more.

This report was posted on September 27, 2014.