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One billion signatures for peace
an article by Department of Peace - Canada

Imagine how far we can progress to a peaceful world beyond war with ONE BILLIION signatures calling upon the UN and governments worldwide to establish ministries, departments and infrastructures of peace that support the global culture of peace!

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PeaceNow , in partnership with GAMIP, (the Global Alliance for Ministries & Infrastructures for Peace), is seeking ONE BILLION people to join together to create the cultural, economic and governmental framework for a new era of lasting peace. With the ambitious goal of uniting ONE BILLION Peace Ambassadors, PeaceNow intends to generate a transformative force that creates powerful and lasting change for the betterment of humankind and future generations.

This GAMIP-PeaceNow partnership arose out GAMIP’s showing of the world premiere of the award-winning film for peace, Admissions at its 2011 Global Summit in Cape Town, South Africa.

In the fall of 2013, PeaceNow writer/strategist and Admissions creator John Viscount began working with GAMIP’s Mike Abkin and Anne Creter to revise and adapt the proposed UN resolution that Anne, New Zealand’s Operation Peace Through Unity, and others had earlier drafted for possible adoption by the UN General Assembly. The result is the “The Global Resolution for the Establishment of Infrastructures to Support the Culture of Peace.”

The ONE BILLION signatures PeaceNow collects will be used to support UN enactment of this resolution.

To further support this campaign, John and the Admissions creative team created a digital viral platform called an m2ebook to gather signatures and promote the work of The Global Alliance and PeaceNow. The “Gift of Peace” m2ebook a is free, 20-page e-book designed for viral propagation that is easily shared through email and social media utilizing a simple embedded link. It introduces the film and the One Billion-signature campaign, explains the need for Peace Departments and Infrastructures for Peace, and bestows a free “Gift of Peace” in the form of a free screening of Admissions.

Go to WWW.PEACENOW.COM to participate.


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This report was posted on September 16, 2014.