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Some Events for the International Day of Peace
an article by Kosmos Journal (abridged)

International Day of Peace -Selected Events . . .

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United Religions Initiative has IDP events happening all over the world – An example of one event is In Kerala, India. There is a large community parade with over 1000 participants that ends with a peace festival. A list of events will be on their website soon.

The Peace Crane Project: encouraging kids worldwide to submit their singing and music for a global peace song.

Peace One Day: The UK Based NGO has significantly raised the visibility of and engagement in Peace Day worldwide and will focus it’s efforts this year with a concert including Akon and broad based school and community initiatives. Look in the events section also for broadcast of the 9/21 concert.

The World Peace Prayer Society, in partnership with BeThePeace and the Gaiafield Project, is asking people to gather around a Peace Pole on September 21st and/or join in a free Global Teleconference and webcast to activate the Peace Pole grid and anchor the Universal Message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in a guided global meditation.

Masterpeace is inspiring concerts across the world with a major one in Egypt:

Instruments of Peace is spearheading a World Peace Festival Week in various parts of Ireland from 14-21 September that will include Peace Masses, Peace Meditation Meetings, Peace Walks, Peace Concerts, Youth and Adult Peace Conferences, and a Peace Party in Dublin on 21 September.

Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots. Sharing messages of peace with the global community.

Global Feast for Peace, at least 30 confirmed thus far with more to come.

Global PeaceCast: A webcast for World Peace Day.

UN IFY is promoting a global meditation for 9/21:

UN IDP NGO Education for Peace Team: Peace Education Resource Center

Universal Peace Federation has a list of events.

Compassion Games includes a 9/21 component.

We The World: 11 Days of Global Unity.

Set for Peace: DJs worldwide are being asked to dedicate a set of music for peace on Sept. 21:

Global Peace Film Festival in Florida

Rotary Club events

London Peace Network: IDP Facebook Page

International Cities of Peace - Over 30 global cities are having Feasts for Peace with each town developing their actions based on community desire, such as ringing bells, moments of silence, music and other expressions. The hope is to have 100 cities by Peace Day. It takes great courage for many of these city leaders and groups, many in war-torn regions, to have a public event about peace. There is a continual update on these two Facebook sites: International Cities of Peace and Global Feast for Peace.


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How are you celebrating Peace Day?,

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Latest reader comment:

It is difficult to find extensive listings of the many events celebrating the International Day of Peace around the world.  An exception is the United Religions Initiative which lists events for the IDP 2014 by their affiliates in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, United States and the Philippines.

This report was posted on September 7, 2014.