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Inter-Parliamentary Union to mark 125 years of global parliamentary action on peace and democracy
an article by Inter-Parliamentary Union

Video: IPU anniversary debate

IPU has celebrated 125 years of global parliamentary action on resolving conflicts and building democracy on 30th June, the anniversary of its creation in 1889. In that time, eight IPU leaders have won the Nobel Peace Prize. The oldest multi-lateral political organization in the world, IPU has played an important role in; the creation of the UN, inter-State relations during the Cold War; helping countries in post-conflict to transition smoothly into democracy, setting international standards on elections and parliamentary working methods and in increasing women’s political participation globally. Its Members have also signed up to IPU’s Universal Declaration on Democracy, the only existing text to define the parameters of democracy or establish its scope. 

Frédéric Passy (left) and William Randal Cremer (right), the two IPU co-founders ©IPU

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A formal anniversary event was held in Geneva  with the UN which looked at how IPU has helped shape a radically different world where peace, human rights, equality and human development underpin a desire for greater democracy. The event was also an opportunity to discuss some of the many challenges democracy faces today. The anniversary date of 30th June also marked the end of Anders B. Johnsson’s tenure as IPU Secretary General after 16 years during which the Organization has worked in all regions to promote and build democracy. Cameroonian national Martin Chungong has  taken over as IPU Secretary General, the first African to hold the post.

Please click here to see the anniversary debate

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This report was posted on July 10, 2014.