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Educating Children with Images of the Earth
an article by Robert Bogatin

Our environment, our health, our social structures, indeed our survival, all depend on a new worldview. What better icon is there than amazing images of Earth from Space? To see the Earth as it truly is; blue and beautiful, with no boundaries or lines.

The EarthSeeds Project is a non-profit movement of many individuals and organizations educating children worldwide. EarthSeeds uses authentic whole Earth images in the forms of globes and posters in conjunction with self-discovery based curriculum and interactive learning tools such as the online community, “Planetary PenPals” at We educate children around the world about the importance of environmental awareness, water, renewable energy and global citizenship.

Our newest educational tool is The Astronaut’s Globe, a 16” beach ball made from 2000 NASA photos that includes a Crewmember’s Guide filled with Earth Science, activities and games and resources for exploration. Our interactive online learning community, Planetary PenPals, connects children worldwide to engage them in environmental and social discussions and collaborative projects. Planetary PenPals, along with an expanded EarthSeeds Curriculum Kit will be available in February of 2005. Educators and children can register NOW for free to participate in these exciting projects. Email: to register or for more information visit

EarthSeeds was recently at The World Renewable Energy Congress in Denver. Our giant Earth Globe was spotted at the protest march at the Republican Convention. We will be presenting to 28,000 schools on September 24th at the New Choices for the Future Conference. And you can find us at the Sustainable Living Fair and Sustainable Resources Conference both in Colorado in September.


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Learning opportunities to foster global community, What are the important components in their design?

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Latest reader comment:

Here are the Training Objectives and Expected Impact of the training described in the report, Young People's Retreat for Social Change.

Training Objectives

* To build understanding and trust among youth of diverse religions, spiritual expressions
and indigenous traditions;

* We work to bridge an active connection between youth participants and their communities and
to encourage youth participants to engage in meaningful service in their community.

* Strive to inspire and connect new generations of conscious, committed young leaders and to
provide them training and leadership opportunities to create a space for Peace.

*        We encourage young people to explore and rediscover their cultural traditions and to deepen
roots in their community and tradition.

Expected Impact of Training

1. To prepare enable the youth from all faiths in regard to create a peaceful atmosphere within
their communities.

2. To sensitize people about human values and dignity of man irrespective of religions/faiths and

3. To empower and skilled the participants to play their role as peace and interfaith harmony actors
for the restoration of human life/dignity.

4. The practical support to direct beneficiaries and trainee would boost up the confidence and self
respect among their respective communities.

5. Ultimately the individual will have a sense of their own personal potential to be an active peace
builder and strive for living an ethical life within diverse situations.

6. To develop on the ground local relevant humanitarian projects that further peace.

7. To link to a global network of like minded and like hearted youth who are standing aligned with
these values.

This report was posted on September 16, 2004.