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International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
an article by IRD - International Research and Development

Today, April 6 is the first annual International Day of Sport for Development and Peace as declared by the United Nations last year.

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Sport can be an important tool in building strong communities. Sports transcend social, cultural, and gender differences to unite people of all ages and empower vulnerable groups.

In many of our programs, International Research and Development (IRD) uses sport to promote peaceful dialogue, provide healthy opportunities for vulnerable youth and bring joy and a sense of normalcy into the lives of conflict victims and refugees.

In Kosovo, IRD and partner RD and partner Sport Sans Frontières are distributing 22,800 One World Footballs in Kosovo as part of the Football 4 Peace initiative.

In Iraq under the Community Stabilization Program (CSP), IRD provided communities with a healthy environment to engage in dialogue through social and athletic activities.

In Ukraine, IRD has incorporated sport as a medium for education and mentorship as part of the “Reducing the Stigma and Discrimination Associated with HIV Infection and AIDS” project.

In Jordan, IRD organizes youth sport programs for residents of Za'atari Refugee Camp.

IRD recognizes the value of sport for development and peace, and we are always searching for partners to help us implement community stability and governance programs through sporting activities.

To partner with IRD or for more information on IRD’s sports programming, contact and visit

(Thank you to Janet Hudgins, the CPNN reporter for this article.)


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[Editor's note.  The following article was sent in to CPNN by Ron Davis, Assistant Coach Cross Country / Track and Field
The Ohio State University. ]

'Lost Boy of Sudan' still running at Northern Arizona
By Bob Baum, AP Sports Writer

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Lopez Lomong was 6 years old when, in the dark of night, he and three older boys crawled through a small hole in a fence and ran barefoot for three days to escape their Sudanese rebel captors.

Sixteen years later, in the pines of Flagstaff with a comfortable life he never imagined, he is running still. . .

Next week, Lomong, a sophomore at Northern Arizona University, will be among the favorites in the 1,500 meters at the NCAA track and field championships in Sacramento, Calif.

"I have to picture myself when I was six years old, running from the death I saw. " he said. "God brought me over here safe and gave me the opportunity and ability to run. . ...more.

This report was posted on April 7, 2014.