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Homage to our Women of Palestine
an article by Ziad Medoukh (abridged)

Palestinians celebrate the World Women's Day with a special thought for women held in Israeli prisons, and for the women of Gaza who suffer, along with the entire civilian population, at the hands of the inhuman Israeli blockade.

Ziad Medoukh with Palestinian women for a broadcast on Radio Gaza

click on photo to enlarge

Our women celebrate 8 March in tears and with great difficulty, thinking of the martyrs, the wounded, the prisoners, and children of Gaza deprived of leisure and school supplies because of the blockade.

Palestinian women are involved in the front line of the conflict. They play an important role in our society; they continue to sacrifice for the children and future generations to have a better future . It is they who give Palestine its heroes.

In early March 2014 south of the Gaza Strip, a 52 year old woman was killed by Israeli bullets as she cultivated the land.

Palestinian women lead a relentless battle with dignity and exceptional courage. She is the mother of the martyr, the woman prisoner, the grandmother of desperate youth. She is always there to support her husband and to help her children, and to participate in the development of a society in crisis.

She is heavily invested in social and economic life. She has a vital role in the lives of families, villages, cities and organizations, a major element of cohesion in the Palestinian society.

Among the people who attend universities in Palestine 70% are women, and the schooling rate among Palestinian women exceeds 80%.

When she loses her husband as a martyr for Palestine, the Palestinian woman sacrifices her life for her children. She does not think about her private life, but takes care of them and raises them with respect and attachment to their homeland.

In the very difficult economic situation in Palestine, many women must go to work to help their husbands and families. They create cooperatives and sell handicrafts to live in dignity on their land. . . .

Palestinian women deserve our respect , they deserve laws that enhance their status in our country, they deserve our admiration.

Let us pay tribute to our Palestinian women: the origin of our knowledge, the song of our hope, the cure for our wounds, the richness of our earth, the light of our memory, the angel of our history, the symbol of our peace, our sense of identity in the land of our ancestors, and the future of our great Palestine in peace and justice.

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Latest reader comment:

The 30 articles in CPNN linked to this question make it clear that women indeed have a special role to play in the peace movement.  See the following for an historical explanation of why this is true.

This report was posted on March 8, 2014.