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Cleanz approves Law on Culture and Peace (Venezuela)
an article by JosÚ Madrid / El Tiempo (abridged)

Members of the Legislative Council of Anzoategui (Cleanz ) yesterday approved in special session, on its second discussion, the Law on Culture and Peace.

Moreno said that the new law promotes the formation of the community. Photo: Archive Weather

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The president of the regional parliament, Nelson Moreno, said that this new legal instrument "promotes the formation of the person and the community on principles and values that ensure peace and coexistence."

He specified that it consists of three related title, five chapters and 31 articles .

The law provides as objectives the promotion of social education through reading, analysis and thoughtful discussion at all levels (home, family, neighborhood, schools) for the elimination of intolerance, the promotion of dialogue and non- violence as a generalized practice in the management and transformation of conflict.

"It promotes Centers of culture of peace, work and sport as a means for the prevention and eradication of violence," said the legislator.

It also aims to strengthen the research programs of education and culture of peace that include forums, workshops and courses in general education and training for the civic culture. . .

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Question(s) related to this article:

The culture of peace at a regional level, Does it have advantages compared to a city level?

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Latest reader comment:

CPNN has often carried articles about establishing a culture of peace at the level of the city, but there are also some advantages to promoting a culture of peace at a somewhat broader regional level.

In particular, the culture of peace needs to be based on a sustainable economy, which, in the long run, should depend on local agricultural production more than imported food. áThis requires that the unit for the culture of peace include not only the city, but also the agricultural region surrounding it.

This report was posted on December 25, 2013.