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Media That Matters
an article by Joanne Tawfilis

On September 3, 2004 the Avenida Culture of Peace Galleria located in Vienna, Austria will co-host the "Media That Matters Travelling Film Festival". The screening of short films is intended to make one think and inspire action. Sixteen award-winning films, selected from hundreds of competitors, were made by independent and youth filmmakers from around the USA.

Many people around the world are critical of US-based media coverage and how we present "the truth". The Federal Communications Act of 1934 initiated a law that should have ensured public participation in media broadcasts. However, large corporations are often given air time preference. One of the jobs of the Federal Communications Commission is to ensure that broadcast companies provide for public air time, but they have not enforced this. This is where Just Media and the Media That Matters Film Festival can be effective.

Discussions regarding these issues will follow the screening event in the Avenida Culture of Peace Galleria and revolve around AIDS, youth activism, media reform, poverty, civil liberties, war and peace, racial justice and more.

The Just Media Project, which sponsors and produces the Media That Matters Film Festival, is an organization that can make a difference if YOU, the reader, decide to become actively involved or at least stay actively involved. Perhaps you too, as they say, "can pick up a camera, vote, take action, and collaborate for media reform."

The Avenida Culture of Peace Galleria is an excellent venue to involve small neighborhood groups in discussions that could lead to major debates. However, there is no venue too small or too big to introduce these provacative and lively topics, especially prior to the upcoming elections.

Why not find a venue to host the Media That Matters Film Festival in your area? Check out the Just Media website at


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Readers' comments are invited on this topic and report.  This topic relates to two reports: Media That Matters; and Youth Television Creates Peace.

This report was posted on August 24, 2004.