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State DIF promotes culture of peace in schools (Mexico)
an article by Periódico Correo

Guanajuato. - The State DIF (Sistema Nacional para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia), has trained a group of entry-level students in conflict management for six months to promote the culture of peace in their school.

The President of the State DIF presents certificates to boys and girls as peace promoters. Photo: Especiales

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In primary school "Juan Bautista Morales" in the April 22 Martyrs neighborhood of the state capital, 35 boys and girls received awards as Peace Promoters.

After presenting the certificates, the state president of DIF Maru Carreño de Marquez announced the implementation of this strategy in the form of a pilot test conducted during the semester from January to June on campus. "We want to do our bit to promote peace in our environment through the actions of these peace promoters not only in their classrooms and their school, but also in their families in order to strengthen the integration and multiply of an open society."

In weekly sessions, 35 students took part in the training with topics such as group formation, teamwork, leadership, self-awareness, self-esteem, communication, emotional management, conflict and peace.

It could be shown that participating students show changes in their attitude and better work in the classroom as a result of this process.

Viridiana Gutiérrez González, responsible for the operation of the State DIF project, said that teachers and parents were also involved, and as a result one can see progress in group identity, development of proposals to prevent violence in the school, better family life, better performance in mathematics, among others.

"From now on, we are committed to promoting peace, based on trust and support, along with teachers and parents with a commitment to these young peace promoters. to participate together in this lifestyle: the culture of peace," said Maru Carreño.

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This report was posted on July 7, 2013.