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Launch of the 30th edition of the Intercity (Côte d'Ivoire)
an article by Abidjian Net

Organized by the Rotary Club Elixir, the launch of the thirtieth edition of the Intercity was held in Bouaké, in the presence of local administrative authorities including the mayor and the representative of the prefects. Among the guests were the representative of the President of the Economic and Social Council, Mr. Zakpa Komenan Roland, the Minister of Culture and Francophonie, Mr. Maurice Kouakou Bandaman and CEO of the Union of Transporters Côte d'Ivoire, Mr. Konan Kouamé N'sikan.

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Rotary and the Government of Côte d'Ivoire took advantage of the ceremony to work together for the restoration of peace in our country.

In the words of Minister Bandaman "culture can lead men to see each other as brothers by sharing their emotions of joy and sorrow." With the help of the Rotary Club Elixir, we can extend the comprehensive program government. Among these programs will be the creation of new regional directorates of culture, so as to cover all the 31 regions of Côte d'Ivoire.

During this ceremony, a conference was called by Professor Amoa Urban, Doctor of Arts, Rector of the University Charles Louis Montesquieu and initiator of the festival "Route des Reines et Rois" (See CPNN, September 11, 2011) ). The speaker made a presentation on "Diplomacy, Custom and the Culture of Peace in Africa." Through diplomatic culture, we can achieve peace.

Minister Zakpa Komenan on behalf of the President of the Economic and Social Council whom he represented, presented his best wishes for the New Year. He expressed the wish for reconciliation all Ivorians. The representative of President Zadi KESSY suggest to all Ivorian that they dig deep within themselves to find the force needed to move beyond their differences. He invites all households to take care to avoid the influence of corrupt politicians. All of this can contribute effectively to the establishment of a lasting peace. For this, consciousness development,education and training are necessary.

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Question(s) related to this article:

The culture of peace at a regional level, Does it have advantages compared to a city level?

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Latest reader comment:

CPNN has often carried articles about establishing a culture of peace at the level of the city, but there are also some advantages to promoting a culture of peace at a somewhat broader regional level.

In particular, the culture of peace needs to be based on a sustainable economy, which, in the long run, should depend on local agricultural production more than imported food.  This requires that the unit for the culture of peace include not only the city, but also the agricultural region surrounding it.

This report was posted on February 3, 2013.