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Do You Speak Human Rights?
an article by Dominika Kasprzak

Video: Do You Speak Human Rights?

Every year, on the 10th of December the International Day of Human Rights is celebrated worldwide.

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This year, a group of young peace advocates, who participated in the United Network of Young Peacebuilders Study Session in Budapest, came up with a project idea under the motto 'Raise your voice and speak Human Rights!'.

We recorded a 15 minute video to promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights worldwide, keeping in mind that there is still a lack of human rights education. Each Article of the Declaration is recorded in different languages, what requires 30 languages in all. We uploaded it on the Internet and spread it internationally using various media.

A further aim of the project is to use the video as a tool for human rights education in schools not only in countries of the project partners but all possible locations. We hope the video will be an inspiration for further actions in the framework of peace advocacy.

The Project group consists of Adela Dumbravan (Romania), Zek Dundar (Turkey), Dominika Kasprzak (Poland), Orkhan Mammadli (Azerbaijan), Elena Popa (Romania), Nerea Pueyo Sánchez (Spain) and Andrea Vastano (Italy).


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Videos that teach human rights, What is available on the Internet?

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Latest reader comment:

CPNN readers are urged to use and disseminate the video Do You Speak Human Rights as a tool for teaching.

Also please tell us when it is used, since this is the real news of the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace.

This report was posted on December 20, 2012.