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Womenís World in Nationwide Sensitization [Sierra Leone]
an article by Mohamed Kabbah Turay, Sierra Express Media

Womenís World Sierra Leone commenced a fourteen day nationwide sensitization tour in a bid to rebrand the culture of divide and provocative politics that is currently doing the rounds across the nation.

People wait to vote for the presidential, parliamentary and local elections in Freetown, Sierra Leone Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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In an exclusive interview with Frances Stevens, the Secretary General, she noted that the exercise started days before the polls and after the polls as well, noting that although the outcome of the election results is widely considered credible by both international and local observers, she however argued that it is clearly evident that supporters of the winning party are using all sorts of provocative languages against their opponents, which she referred to as a recipe that can undermine the peace and stability that the country is currently enjoying.

She said her organization has trained over seven hundred young women in the fourteen districts of the country that will serve as focal person and ambassadors of peace. The Secretary General pointed that the nation is bigger than any personality or political party underscoring that it is the principal reason why her organization is beseeching Sierra Leoneans to embrace the culture of peace as we carry one common identity.

Frances reflected that the organization came into existence in 2009 with the aim of capacitating the girl-child and women mostly faced with challenges of education and employment. She disclosed that her organization has already constructed institutes at the Goderich Community and in the Kono District which she says are training young women in skill related jobs. She continued that this training exercise will help young people to match-up with the challenges in society.

In her concluding statement Frances Stevens said her organizationís success comes with close working collaboration with the sister group, Womenís Situation Room in addressing challenges facing women across the country.


Question(s) related to this article:

How should elections be organiized in a true democracy?,

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Latest reader comment:

CPNN receives more and more articles from Africa about initiatives that contest the European model of "winner-takes-all" elections, and demand that elections should only be part of a broader democratic process that seeks consensus and compromise.

This fits with the pre-colonial systems of justice in Africa, when there was no monotheism and no single supreme god, no single supreme law, no single "truth" provided by divine intervention, but rather a compromise among many different "gods," perspectives and "truths" arrived at through a process of mediation, for example, the "palabra."

This report was posted on December 7, 2012.