In October, CPNN received articles about advances in all eight program areas of the culture of peace and from most regions of the world.

Education for peace: The Nobel Prize for Peace this year was awarded to two champions of education: Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi from Pakistan and India, respectively. And from France comes the announcement of the annual forum on promoting nonviolence in schools.

Sustainable development: Overcoming centuries of oppression and marginalization, the indigenous people of Guatemala have risen up to resist the attempts of Monsanto to force them to abandon their traditional corn and pay each year for genetically modified seeds. Human rights: In Trinidad and Tobago, there is a strong movement to end discrimination against homosexuals and allow them full human rights. This could be a precedent for the entire Caribbean region.

Women's equality: The first international congress of women for a culture of peace in the Muslim world was held in Algeria with 3,000 delegates to discuss the themes of Perspectives, Ethics and Education, tradition and modernity, veiling and unveiling, Women and Culture of Peace. Also the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child was celebrated with the publication of writings by women from Afghanistan.

Democratic participation: In Zimbabwe the Christian denominations have launched a peace initiative to ensure free and peaceful citizen participation in national elections. And Chicago is receiving help in restorative justice from Northern Ireland in order to stop the school-to-prison pipeline and reduce juvenile incarceration. . .


Bloodstone "Spread Some Love"

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. . . Also in the US, the people of Ashland, Oregon, are establishing a city commission for the culture of peace.

Free flow of information: Four journalism and press freedom groups have filed a complaint in the United States with the Federal Communication Commission to stop an attempt by major corporations to require payment in order to access their websites. As they say, "it won’t just be the media that loses out if we don’t have Net Neutrality. Our democracy will suffer as well."

Disarmament: Amnesty International informs us that the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty will take effect in December thanks to the recent ratifications by Argentina, the Bahamas, Czech Republic, Portugal, Saint Lucia, Senegal and Uruguay which brings the total to the required 50 states.

It is worth nothing that the above initiatives come almost equally from the regions of Latin America, Africa, North American, South Asia and the Arab States. The Movement for a Culture of Peace is truly global!


Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize


United, We Will Never Be Defeated: Guatemala’s Victory Over Monsanto


Looking for a leader in the Caribbean to end discrimination against homosexuals


Opening of the first International Women's Congress in Oran, Algeria

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International Seminar on Peace and Reconciliation: Challenges on the Colombian-Venezuelan Border


United States: News and Press Freedom Organizations Stand Up for Real Net Neutrality


UN: Landmark Arms Trade Treaty to become reality with 50th ratification

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