We return this month to a frequent theme of CPNN bulletins - the energy, enthusiasm and international solidarity of today's young people. As Meg Villanueva expresses in her article on the Youth Building Peace project in the Caucasus: "Youth are not just the “victims” of long-standing conflicts; we are also agents and actors that can help support and sustain the development of the peace process. "

This was very evident in two international summer schools this month.

The summer school of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (see CPNN of May 9) attracted one hundred young social activists from 93 countries. As described in the article by Marcos Estrada, "My day at the school was an enriching joyful experience. Youth from around the world should hold hands together and build a better future for all. I want to take part in it."

This year's Global Intergenerational Forum and Leadership Training Program at the University of Connecticut attracted over 60 young social activists from 53 countries. This program takes place every year; see CPNN of August 5, 2012 for an account of last year's event. The program included discussions on the importance of the UN Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace. CPNN articles written by the young activists this year included:

Culture of Peace through Tourism in Kosovo;

Tackling Economic Poverty in Afghanistan;

We are not just Pink or Blue;

and the Sulha Peace Project that brings together Israeli and Palestinian youth.


Sombras del Sur: "De Niños..."

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Other CPNN articles this month include:

a march for peace and justice by students in Guatemala;

an international summer school for the culture of peace, tolerance and international friendship in the Gambia;

and international exchange for solidarity by young Spaniards in Argentina.

Ayman Qwaider, a young Palestinian activist, illustrates the commitment of this generation to respond to oppression by non-violent actions that build hope and empowerment.

Illustrating how general this theme has become, the discussion question, "Is there a renewed movement of solidarity by the new generation" now applies to over 30 CPNN articles. Discussing this issue following a youth training session last year in Budapest, Ana Afonso wrote, "Inspiration. If I had to define my experience during the week spent in Budapest with 31 young people from all over Europe this would be the word I use. Because inspiration is what we need to keep going, inspiration brings joy and a feeling of being able to do whatever we want."

As we have remarked before, the culture of peace is in good hands with this new generation!


Martin Luther King’s unfinished symphony of freedom


Tackling Economic Poverty in Afghanistan


We are not just Pink or Blue


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