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Several CPNN administrators and reporters recently worked together at a peace advocacy training in Budapest, Hungary, organized by youth and for youth and described by them in two CPNN articles. As a result, we are inspired to devote this bulletin to the growing involvement of youth for a culture of peace around the world. As Ana Afonso says in the discussion of the articles : "Inspiration.  If I had to define my experience during the week spent in Budapest with 31 young people from all over Europe this would be the word I use.  Because inspiration is what we need to keep going, inspiration brings joy and a feeling of being able to do whatever we want."

The remarks about inspiration are the most recent under the discussion topic entitled "Is there a renewed movement of solidarity by the new generation?" Judging by the large number of recent articles linked to this discussion topic, there is good evidence for a growing movement of youth for solidarity and a culture of peace. We have come a long way in the six years since the report from youth organizations which laid the basis for the Youth Solidarity Fund (also mentioned under this discussion topic).

This youth movement is growing throughout the world. In addition to the Budapest training, during the last three months CPNN has received articles about youth training for peace or other similar youth-initiated peace actions from The Netherlands, Italy, Burundi, Guatemala, Algeria and Egypt, Pakistan, Kosovo, Nepal, Colombia and Argentina, Georgia and Canada and Sri Lanka.


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As mentioned in the previous bulletin, similar youth initiatives are increasingly supported by organizations of the United Nations. UNESCO and the International Institute for Educational Planning held a youth forum in Paris in October. The UNESCO Chair at the University of Connecticut held its annual youth human rights training in August. The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations held a youth summer school and plans a youth event at their next international forum next February.

The new generation is more connected than any previous generation in history. At the Budapest training the young participants decided to put the Culture of Peace Network on Facebook and Twitter (click on these links to access).

We may draw a very positive conclusion from all this: that the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace, in the hands of the new generation, is in good hands!


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