Germany: The dead refugees lament! Action September 5


A press release from Kultur des friedens (translated by CPNN)

On Tuesday 5 September 2017 at 12 noon, at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
a 100 meter long banner was erected listing the names of 17,306 refugees that have died in the Mediterranean since 2012. It serves as a memorial to them and as a resistance to the inhuman policy that contributed to their deaths, the restrictive policy of the European Union (Fortress Europe). The dead lament. This action takes place on the occasion of the last General Debate on current political issues in the Bundestag before the parliamentary elections which will take place on Tuesday 5 September .

Members of the Culture of Peace Society (GKF) have just returned from refugee camps in Greece, most recently from Mytilini / Lesbos, where the central place was occupied by refugees because they no longer see any prospect of leaving the island. The real cause of their flight was ignored at the latest European refugee summit, as the federal government combats the consequences of its own misguided policy.

At the same time, a reminder action is called for at the Brandenburg Gate on 5 September 2017 at 12 noon, parallel to the meeting in the Bundestag.

We ask the media to announce the event and to report how the cause of death was war, poverty, climate change and human rights violations.

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