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Harvard Joins Principles for Responsible Investment A First Candle for Martin Luther King's Birthday
"Sustainable investment is one of the world’s fastest-growing investment trends " "There had never been a town-wide celebration of the Martin Luther King Holiday. Joined by mutual concern, these women felt that the day should be celebrated. They spent months planning, arranging for speakers and musicians, and exploring community resources. "
Another Pulitzer for reporting classified info A Man and A Dog Walk for Peace-A Journey of Hope and Inspiration
"much of what the government has classified in the name of safeguarding national security has been, in fact, improperly kept secret to avoid embarrassment, to shield activities that would not have been tolerated by the public, and/or to avoid uncomfortable public debate " "I felt rejuvenated with the hope that individuals can make a difference in building a more peaceful world."
Medea Benjamin to Receive 2014 Gandhi Peace Award (United States) Students for a Free Palestine
"Her latest book is Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, and she has been campaigning to stop the use of killer drones " "Going to a university in which one third of the students are Jewish, it is difficult to lead an organization entitled Students for a Free Palestine."
Anglicans reflect on impact of TRC events (Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada) Anti-War Events in All 50 States
"TRC events have had the effect of “raising consciousness and healing of all people, especially the survivors " "a real growth in anti-war sentiment and organizing in many conservative areas of the country"
Progressives Mourn Passing of Author and Activist Jonathan Schell Who Will Disarm America?
"an activist who focused on nonviolent struggles, human rights, and ending the injustice associated with foreign wars abroad and assaults on liberty at home " "Kao and other students are part of a coalition to demilitarize the University of California and demand that the UC Regents uphold international law and actively work to disarm the weapons labs."
USA: War College says Courage to Resist impedes recruiting The United Nations Department of Public Information Opens Its 2012 Briefing Season with Culture of Peace!
"people seem convinced that it’s the poor who are always sent to fight the rich man’s war " "Amplifying the Unseen and Unheard Voices of Peace "
Big Win for Species at Risk (Canada) For When the Rain Stops...
"Sierra Club BC is celebrating this week after winning in court against the federal government over its failure to protect endangered species. " "my colleagues and I have been working on a leadership initiative called Leadership 21st Century"
Frédéric Back, Director of "The Man Who Planted Trees" Fahrenheit 9/11
"politically engaged art is both possible and worthwhile " "The film puts together remarkable footage from the most controversial events of our time, beginning with the Congressional debate (or should one say "lack of debate") following the 2000 election and going through the war in Iraq."
Breaking Ground: New Report from the Nobel Women’s Initiative (Canada) What can we do?
"Women are frustrated that very real concerns about potential oils spills, their families health and well-being—as well as climate change—are being ignored. So they are organizing and demanding to be heard " "We need, in fact, to talk to everyone who we meet, actually engage on a human level with those who we encounter as we make it through our day."
Exploring new ways of connecting people with nature Peace Flyer
"The conference explored seven different environmental education themes, including . . . the use of technology as an engagement tool " "I am a member of the newly forming peace coalition made up of about thirty high school students at Trinity high school in Louisville, Kentucky. "
Norman Granz : The man who made justice through jazz A Life Free of Violence Is Our Right!
"It's great to see how music is the language of our universal culture, how it is a long-range harbinger of hope for people, whether they are round, white .. . or black ! " "In the past ten years UNIFEM has made great strides with the help of the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, and to bring this issue to the table of the international community."
Norman Granz: L'homme qui se servait du jazz pour la justice Eighth-grader crosses California to Conduct Research on Eleanor Roosevelt
"C'est magnifique de comprendre que la musique dans le langage de la culture universelle, est une longue portée de notes d'espoir... qu'elles soient rondes, blanches .. . ou noires !!! " "I chose Eleanor Roosevelt because of her work in the United Nations and her role as first lady, and how she stood out against segregation and women's rights."
A New Dad Asks, If Male Violence Is the Biggest Threat to Women—How Do I Raise a Kind Son? Montana Musician Sings about Peace and Justice for a Global Audience
"Men as Peacemakers was founded in Duluth, Minn., after the community was rocked by a series of murders committed by men in the 1990s " "Internet is increasingly providing a way for musicians to bypass the corporate blockade and come into direct contact with listeners"
Creating a culture of peace (Sarasota, USA) New York Poets for Peace Ready to Take Their Show on Road
"the Historic Peace Churches (HPC): Friends/Quakers, The Brethren, and The Mennonites, of Florida are launching a new initiative . . . in the Annual Gathering, responsive to the urgency of local and international peace issues. " "we read poems that promote peace. About 2/5ths are our own, the rest our favorites from the long and honorable history of anti-war poetry, from Wilfred Owen, Paul Celan and e.e. cummings to Yusef Komunyakaa, Paley, Espada, and Vietnamese poet Nguyen Quang Thieu. "
Middfest Makes New International Friends (USA) High School Intifada
"Because of Middfest we have learned how much our country is similar to the guest country. We have made thousands of new international friends which has contributed to world peace. " "My friends and I decided to ignore what we perceived to be an unjust rule, and we made hundreds of flyers ... setting off a process that would eventually involve the entire school."