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Book Review of Zahid Shahab Ahmed, Regionalism and Regional Security in South Asia: The Role of SAARC Peace Is Not Just the Absence of War
"The book is an engaging read, especially for those interested in South Asia’s progress of and prospects for regional integration." "Jacqeline Haessly, in her monumental 534-page PhD thesis "Weaving a Culture of Peace and Justice" has pioneered the work of many future generations of peacemakers."
A Review of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate Children as Peacemakers
"This is an important book that deserves to be widely read." "Announcing a new book! For a really wonderful text which teaches children and their families peacemaking skills, you are invited to visit the website of Celebrating Peace."
Maria Montessori and education for war A Hero for Our Time: Book Review of Elise Boulding
"It is necessary and urgent to dismantle this universal culture of war described by Montessori, and to replace it by a real and final culture of peace, not by a series of truces between wars." "Elise Boulding, a true hero for a culture of peace, is masterfully shown in the new biography of her by Mary Lee Morrison."
Maria Montessori et l’éducation à la guerre Waging Nonviolent Struggle: A Book Review
"Il est nécessaire et urgent de renverser cette culture universelle de guerre décrite par Montessori, non pas par une suite de trêves, mais par une réelle et définitive culture universelle de paix." "nonviolent struggle in the future will not only contribute to the reduction of major violence but to the expansion of democratic practices, political freedom and social justice."
Africa: UNESCO and ECOWAS modular course for conflict resolution A Paradigm Shift to a Nonkilling World Future
"The ECOWAS vision is to create a borderless region that is prosperous, with peace and harmony, based on good governance, and where people can have access to enormous resources, through the creation of opportunities for sustainable development with preservation of the environment." "If tradition has taught that we must kill to be free, equal and secure -- the present teaches that unless we stop killing not only freedom and equality are in jeopardy but our very survival."
Africa: UNESCO et la CEDEAO s’allient sur les droits humains : l’autoformation pour conjurer les conflits et crises multiformes Her Name Is Jody Williams, a Book Review
"la vision de la CEDEAO est de créer une région sans frontières, prospère, où règne la paix et l’harmonie, s’appuyant sur une bonne gouvernance, et où les populations peuvent avoir accès aux énormes ressources  et les mettre en valeur, à travers la création d’opportunité pour un développement durable de la prévention de l’environnement" "A Vermont Girl's Winding Path to the Nobel Peace Prize "
Book review: War, peace, and ecology. The risks of sustainable militarization Until My Freedom Has Come: The New Intifada in Kashmir
"Our planet needs intensive care as it is increasingly damaged by the very people who claim to be its defenders: the armed forces." "There should be reconciliation, and I don't see that happening at group level or at an organizational level. It can only happen at the personal level," says the writer turned film maker"
[Livre] Guerre et paix… et écologie. Les risques de militarisation durable Book Publication: Peace: A World History
"Notre planète, qui mérite des soins intensifs, est de plus en plus abîmée par ceux-là mêmes qui s’en font les défenseurs auto- proclamés : les forces armées." "Peace: A World History is the first study to explore the full spectrum of peace and peacemaking from prehistoric to contemporary times in a single volume aimed at improving their prospects."
Melt the guns: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict Book Review of The Real Wealth of Nations
"nonviolence works better than violence . . . That’s a finding revealed by Dr. Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan in their book Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict." "Eisler contributes by promoting a "new economics" and by recognizing the recent efforts by a number of economists to include measures of household work as an important part of a nation's economic output."
Giants on the Earth: A Review of Waging Peace by David Hartsough Progressive Muslims
"Sixty years of innumerable protests, witnesses, and organizing efforts later, Hartsough is still at it as he helps to begin a new global movement to end war on the planet, called “World Beyond War.” " "Progressive Islam aims at restoring this original vision of freedom through the liberation of all humanity from coercion and subjugation"
Peace Ecology: A Book Review Book review: The Exception to the Rulers
"This is, in fact, a peace book for deep environmentalists and an environmental book for deep peace advocates." "Goodman is a journalist, the host of Democracy Now . . . She has the courage to do what the mainstream media, for all its bluster, cannot, or will not, do"
Mainstreaming Peace Education - Approaches, Methodologies, and Visions A Practitioner’s Manual Justice South African Style
"overall framework for peace education . . . strategic approach to mainstreaming peace education . . . examples of projects and initiatives in peace education implemented by European civil society organisations." "'No Future Without Forgiveness' published in 1999, is Nobel Peace Prize winner Bishop Desmond Tutu's personal memoir of chairing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. "
Human Rights Watch: La lutte pour les droits humains en 2013 Culture of Peace Declaration - A Book Version for Children
"Parallèlement à tous ces bouleversements, il y a eu également des progrès importants dans le fonctionnement des instruments internationaux de défense des droits humains " "The book is very well organized with a small amount of information written in simple words and colourful images, which should be able to hold children's attention."
Human Rights Watch: Las pugnas por los derechos en 2013 Socioeconomic Democracy
"En medio de esta conmoción, también se realizaron importantes avances en el sistema internacional que contribuye a la defensa de los derechos humanos " "The book will be of interest to everyone seriously concerned about . . . the way that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer"
Human Rights Watch Annual Report: Rights Struggles of 2013 The Nonviolence Handbook: A book review
"In the midst of all this upheaval, there were also important advances in the international machinery that helps to defend human rights. " "Nagler looks helpfully at successes, failures, and partial successes to draw out the lessons we need moving forward "