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Bloodstone's New Album: Culture of Peace Music Bloodstone's New Album: Culture of Peace Music
"we are totally convinced that this is culture of peace music! Listen and you will be convinced as well" "we are totally convinced that this is culture of peace music! Listen and you will be convinced as well"
Morocco: Children from around the world come together for peace; The 8th edition of the International Festival of Children's Folklore Peace Song from Hiroshima to the World
"to create a place for meetings and exchanges between children from all continents, different religions and cultures, so that they can adopt a culture of peace and tolerance" "I began to promote this song through the Internet as one of iEARN( International Education and Resource Network) projects."
Maroc: Les enfants du monde se rassemblent pour la paix; 8ème édition du Festival international du folklore de l’enfant Montana Musician Sings about Peace and Justice for a Global Audience
"créer un lieu de rencontres et d’échanges entre les enfants de tous les continents, des différentes religions et cultures, pour qu’ils puissent s’imprégner de la culture de la paix et de la tolérance" "Internet is increasingly providing a way for musicians to bypass the corporate blockade and come into direct contact with listeners"
A Song for the International Day of Friendship New York Poets for Peace Ready to Take Their Show on Road
"The song appreciates the role of friends in our daily life and highlights the importance of understanding between the two" "we read poems that promote peace. About 2/5ths are our own, the rest our favorites from the long and honorable history of anti-war poetry, from Wilfred Owen, Paul Celan and e.e. cummings to Yusef Komunyakaa, Paley, Espada, and Vietnamese poet Nguyen Quang Thieu. "
Song for International Day of Nelson Mandela Cat Stevens Awarded Peace Prize
"Madiba Song will be available for free download and streaming" "only two months after being deported from the United States when he showed up on the government's "no fly" list and was accused of having ties to terrorist networks."
Interview with Ms. Cecile Guidote-Alvarez Director, UNESCO DREAM Center, Philippines Ani DiFranco: more than just music
"Theatre is also an anchor that can help participants and audience grow in the appreciation of indigenous heritage and traditional values that must not be laid aside but reconciled with technological advances. It is an antidote to forgetfulness. " "Her music is very positive. It makes you want to go out and change the world. Her music itself is really cool."
One song, One Message, Many Voices: A message song to victims of Bullying! I would like to help world peace with my songs
"Artists of 20 Nationalities from 4 continents are united and lend their talents and voices to give hope and courage to victims of bullying around the world " "We Are One Nation" music video was featured on the Sedona Now Channel 18 Network ... to honor 9/11 victims and promote world peace."
Gilberto Gil will perform during the Festival of Music and Culture of Peace (Brazil) The 'New Songs for Peace' Project
"an event that will bring together music, lectures and meditation to promote the Culture of Peace " "If there is a universal language of peace, it must be music"
Gilberto Gil fará show durante o Festival de Música e Cultura da Paz (Brasil) Sold Out America
"num evento que reunirá música, palestras e meditação para promover a Cultura de Paz " "Here's what I do for peace... I sing this song at peace events in and around Billings, Montana"
Norman Granz : The man who made justice through jazz A musical project dedicated to 'Friendship', 'Peace' and 'Love'
"It's great to see how music is the language of our universal culture, how it is a long-range harbinger of hope for people, whether they are round, white .. . or black ! " "Despite of all the troubles in the Middle East, two international outstanding vocalists of Iran who live in diaspora have joined their talents "
Norman Granz: L'homme qui se servait du jazz pour la justice Daniel Barenboim: Music as the Universal Language
"C'est magnifique de comprendre que la musique dans le langage de la culture universelle, est une longue portée de notes d'espoir... qu'elles soient rondes, blanches .. . ou noires !!! " "In 1999 Barenboim co-founded . . . the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, which allowed young musicians from Israel, Palestine and neighboring Arab countries to play music together. "
Rochy Ameneiro promotes a culture of peace (Cuba) Daniel Barenboïm: La musique comme langage universel.
"the project "Everyone in the Counterforce: No to violence in music" . . . has toured the country with excellent results. " "En 1999, il co-fonde . . . le West-Eastern Divan Orchestra qui lui permet de faire jouer ensemble de jeunes musiciens venus d’Israël, des États arabes voisins et des Territoires Palestiniens "
Rochy Ameneiro a favor de una cultura de paz (Cuba) 2nd Guwahati International Music Fest to establish city in global music circuit
"el proyecto Todas a Contracorriente, No a la violencia en la música . . . ha girado por todo el país con excelentes resultados " "Given the present socio-political turmoil in the State of Assam, the GIMF comes at the right time as the theme for this year’s edition is peace "
The Venezuelan José Antonio Abreu is awarded the Culture of Peace Prize in Japan 'A Candle' A song to give peace a chance
"the Goi Peace Foundation . . . . awarded him the prize for having devoted his life to social work to promote culture through music " "I am a social artist that belongs to the New Song Movement (Latin folk)... I know what violence is I grew up with it, my family was affected by it."
Venezolano José Antonio Abreu recibe Premio a la Cultura de Paz en Japón Chico of the Group Chico and the Gypsies : «Oran is an important stopover in our program»
"la Fundación Goi para la Paz . . . . justificó la entrega del reconocimiento al maestro por haber dedicado su vida a la labor social para promover la cultura a través de la música " "I decided to take up the pilgrim's staff (my guitar), to preach the culture of peace "