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Nonviolent Peaceforce opens protection site in Lanao del Norte (Philippines) A First Candle for Martin Luther King's Birthday
"Its goals are to strengthen the connections and information-sharing abilities among key actors in the peace process " "There had never been a town-wide celebration of the Martin Luther King Holiday. Joined by mutual concern, these women felt that the day should be celebrated. They spent months planning, arranging for speakers and musicians, and exploring community resources. "
How to achieve a culture of peace in Venezuela Peace Flyer
"These experts repudiated the violence that originated on the campus of the Central University of Venezuela and stated that solutions should be established for these problems " "I am a member of the newly forming peace coalition made up of about thirty high school students at Trinity high school in Louisville, Kentucky. "
Conozca cómo lograr la cultura de paz en Venezuela Amahoro Amani: Lasting peace promotion in the Great Lakes
"Los expertos repudiaron los hechos de violencia que se originaron en el campus de la Universidad Central de Venezuela y manifestaron que se deben establecer soluciones ante estas circunstancias " "By the end of 2007, 420 community mediators aged between fifteen and twenty-five will have been trained in how to take action in their communities to prevent, mediate, and resolve conflicts peacefully."
Women ecowarriors Eighth-grader crosses California to Conduct Research on Eleanor Roosevelt
"it is the subjugated knowledge and invisible work of women based on co-creation and co-production with nature that will show the way to human survival and well being in the future. " "I chose Eleanor Roosevelt because of her work in the United Nations and her role as first lady, and how she stood out against segregation and women's rights."
Reintegration after 10 years conflict: Nepal High School Intifada
"After comprehensive peace accord signed between Nepal Government and Maoist in 2006; thousands of IDPs were resettled by several NGOs across Nepal in early 2007, Chanda was one among them. " "My friends and I decided to ignore what we perceived to be an unjust rule, and we made hundreds of flyers ... setting off a process that would eventually involve the entire school."
Pakistan: Scholars adopt charter of peace, support coexistence Imams and preachers from the Sahel meet in Algiers to combat religious fanaticism
"Representatives of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhs and Baha’is unanimously adopted the charter of peace during an interfaith consultative conference " "the seminar participants urged all scholars, imams and preachers of the Sahel region recognizing the Maliki rite to remove all the ambiguities of religion, "to spread the culture of peace, tolerance, harmony and coexistence with other religions and communities "
Nicaragua: "Being a teacher is a career that I fell in love with" Celebrating King, creating peace
"The Latin America Regional Committee of Education International is in the process of building up a Latin American Pedagogical Movement that aims to take the concept of quality education to the classroom " "training sessions for Creating a Culture of Peace, a national program founded by Janet Chisholm, a former chair of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship "
Ghana: Most Rev. Prof Asante: I have a dream for peace Culture of Peace in Hamilton, Ontario
"he was presented with the 2014 US Embassy Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Peace and Social Justice. . . .the award recognises Ghanaian citizens who imitate the view and actions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr by helping to build a culture of peace, dialogue and conflict resolution " "We in the Hamilton Culture of Peace Network are putting together a history of our accomplishments from April 2000 to now - a list of evidence that Hamilton is moving toward a Culture of Peace"
A school for peace inaugurated in the Maya world in the Guatemalan highlands International Peace and Non-Violence Fortnight Celebration in Orissa (India)
"The premise of this wonderful project is to fully educate children and youth in the Mayan culture, worldview and spirituality, claiming and developing the Mayan identity and making extensive knowledge, legacy, documents and sacred practices to future generations. " "when we understand the fierce preparation of countries for wars it has become inevitable to work for peace . . . peace and development are complementary. "
Inauguran una escuela por la paz en el mundo maya del altiplano guatemalteco Peace Museums, Making a Space for Peace
"la premisa de formar integralmente a niños, niñas y jóvenes en cultura, cosmovisión y espiritualidad maya, reivindicando y desarrollando toda su identidad y haciendo extensivos los saberes, legados, documentos y prácticas sagradas a las generaciones venideras, " "'Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters'(African Proverb). Peace Museums give the lion their historians."
My father told me ‘I want you to be able to help your people one day’ (Brazil) International Women´s Day: Interview With Leymah Gbowee (Liberia)
" In other indigenous groups in Brazil women are already participating, and many of them are contributing to debate within the indigenous movement. But for the Xavante people, cultural resistance to having a woman involved in decision- making is still a challenge that has to be overcome, by both women and men. " "The Liberian women peace movement demonstrated to the world that grassroots movements are essential to sustaining peace; that women in leadership positions are effective brokers for peace; and the importance of culturally relevant social justice movements. "
Meet the Tanzanian Woman Who Said No to a Forced Marriage Eco-Citizen Programme : Urban Agriculture for Vulnerable Youth
"My greatest hope is that one day men and women of my Maasai community will join hands together, respecting each other and raising generations of boys and girls that treat one another with love, integrity and dignity. " "planting of vegetable gardens and medicinal herbs ... awakens new interests and perspectives for the youth"
International Women´s Day: Interview With Leymah Gbowee (Liberia) Hope in Venezuela
"The Liberian women peace movement demonstrated to the world that grassroots movements are essential to sustaining peace; that women in leadership positions are effective brokers for peace; and the importance of culturally relevant social justice movements. " "take notice of the fledgling grassroots democracy in Venezuela, because it could be the start of a new chapter in the struggle for a global culture of peace."
Homage to our Women of Palestine A Hartford Community Project Promotes Culture of Peace
" Let us pay tribute to our Palestinian women . . . the angel of our history, the symbol of our peace, our sense of identity in the land of our ancestors, and the future of our great Palestine in peace and justice. " "People of the community join Luis and his family for potluck dinners where everyone brings a dish from their culture. The evening is one of exchanging information, and fellowship with one another."
Hommage à nos femmes palestiniennes Peace Dollars
"Un grand hommage à nos femmes palestiniennes . . . l’ange de notre histoire, le symbole de notre paix, le sens de notre identité, la terre de nos ancêtres, et l’avenir de notre grande Palestine de paix et de justice.. " "Peace Dollars have the potential to raise funds for many worthwhile causes, and each dollar is printed with UNESCO’S six principles for a peaceable society"