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Harvard Joins Principles for Responsible Investment Peace through Education
"Sustainable investment is one of the world’s fastest-growing investment trends " "The Global Perspective is a Nonprofit Organization committed to ... increasing educational opportunities for children in Third World Countries "
UN chief teams up with global leaders, celebrities to get all children into school by 2015 Peace Education
"No child should be denied an education because his or her country is at war. No child should be targeted for violence because she or he wants to exercise the fundamental right to education " "Global Village School (GVS) is a non-profit, distance-learning K-12 school grounded in the belief that access to information and peace education are the keys to ending prejudice."
Philippines: Schools of Peace: Antidote to culture of war, violence Students for a Free Palestine
"Peace as marked by the decline in armed violence does not bring into focus the casualties of poverty, cultural discrimination or marginalization, political repression and environmental destruction which are not as deafening as wars but have graver impact " "Going to a university in which one third of the students are Jewish, it is difficult to lead an organization entitled Students for a Free Palestine."
Trident Healing Ceremony for Caribbean and Latin America Territories: 6-10-12, October 2014 World Social Forum 2008 and 2009: Meeting defines mobilisation schedule for process and working groups
"The UN Decade for People of African Descent . . . will commence January 1, 2015 and continue until December 31, 2024. The theme for this decade is “People of African Descent: Recognition, Justice and Development”. " "The meeting had two main agendas: the preparation for the week and day of mobilisation and global action (January 26 2008) and discussions on the first initiatives towards 2009 event organisation"
International Day of Sport for Development and Peace A Great Green Wall Across the African Continent
"Sports transcend social, cultural, and gender differences to unite people of all ages and empower vulnerable groups " "the great breadth of this enterprise illustrates the motivation of the populations concerned: to regain the right to live in dignity through solidarity "
India and Pakistan: Growing beyond the boundary Culture of Peace Advocacy at the UN: Education about Peace Education
"my heart felt glad when some of the students introduced themselves by saying, “I am a citizen of the world but I live in India/Pakistan " "With the creation of a Culture of Peace Working Group in Geneva, we are now working together with other NGOs to focus on the Human Right to Peace"
The Elders support Palestinian move to sign international treaties For When the Rain Stops...
"More than ever, both parties urgently need to make the necessary compromises to reach a lasting peace with two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security " "my colleagues and I have been working on a leadership initiative called Leadership 21st Century"
The First World Time-Bank Culture of Peace Advances Despite Media Silence
"This nonprofit organization manages an alternative exchange that is gaining more and more users worldwide, fostering social relationships and equality. " "700 organizations participating from over 100 countries in the 2005 World Report on the Culture of Peace ... report provides the first comprehensive view of the progress of the global movement for a culture of peace, since it was called for in 1999 by United Nations Resolution A/53/243. "
Se créo el primer banco mundial del tiempo World Report on the Culture of Peace
"Actualmente, los bancos de tiempo funcionan en muchos países y permiten cubrir necesidades fomentando la cooperación y la igualdad de sus participantes. " "How can we know if the culture of peace is advancing? The United Nations has given us an opportunity to find out."
Anglicans reflect on impact of TRC events (Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada) How One Agency Is Trying to Bring Peace to Sudan
"TRC events have had the effect of “raising consciousness and healing of all people, especially the survivors " "Christopher Allen Doucot of the Hartford Catholic Worker Hospitality House was the guest speaker who recently returned from Sudan on a humanitarian mission and talked to us about his experience."
National Geographic rates the Abraham Path the #1 New Walking Trail in the World! The 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
"a path of discovery and human connection for the ages, a genuine beacon of hope for a better and kinder world " "A group of Human Rights 'elders' has a sign-up page on the Internet to garner a billion signatures this year for the 60th Anniversary ... I appeal to all CPNN readers to assess their feelings about the UDHR and to consider participating in this endeavor."
Towards the creation of a network of women for a culture of peace in Africa Mothers Uniting for Peace
"Its goal is to bring together African and non- African organizations involved in promoting the central role of African women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts " "Global Coalition for Peace is currently looking for Muslim-American mothers to partner with a non-Muslim American mothers to help to increase understanding between these two groups of people"
Vers la création d’un réseau de femmes pour une culture de la paix en Afrique Gathering the Pieces of Peace
"Son ambition est de rassembler des organisations africaines et non-africaines engagées dans la promotion du rôle central des femmes africaines dans la prévention et la résolution des conflits " "I thought the best way to reach people was using the internet so I created a site ... with the aim to connect the web sites to each other that support world peace. "
Colombian President to Reactivate National Peace Commission A Life Free of Violence Is Our Right!
"he will reactivate the National Peace Commission, created in the 90s to promote a culture of peace and to support the dialogue between the Government and the Guerrilla FARC-EP. " "In the past ten years UNIFEM has made great strides with the help of the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, and to bring this issue to the table of the international community."
Presidente colombiano reactivará la Comisión Nacional de Paz Culture of Peace Advances in Brazil
"revivirá la Comisión Nacional de Paz, creada en la década de 1990, que busca promover la cultura de paz y respaldar los diálogos entre el Gobierno y la guerrilla de las FARC-EP. " "Local government commissions for the culture of peace are spreading in Brazil."