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Posted by: CPNN Administrator on Nov. 28 2005,09:38

If you know of any video or internet games that teach the principles of a culture of peace, we would appreciate if you could give us the information (or an internet link) by replying to this question and report.
Posted by: Guest on Mar. 03 2006,10:28

Here is the claim on a new website for a game that promotes non-violence: < >.   Has anyone yet tried it?

Can a computer game teach how to fight real-world adversaries—dictators, military occupiers and corrupt rulers, using methods that have succeeded in actual conflicts—not with laser rays or AK47s, but with non-military strategies and nonviolent weapons? Such a game, A Force More Powerful (AFMP), is now available. A unique collaboration of experts on nonviolent conflict working with veteran game designers has developed a simulation game that teaches the strategy of nonviolent conflict. A dozen scenarios, inspired by recent history, include conflicts against dictators, occupiers, colonizers and corrupt regimes, as well as struggles to secure the political and human rights of ethnic and racial minorities and women.

Posted by: CPNN Administrator on Mar. 09 2006,05:13

CPNN has received the following request for a review of the Force More Powerful Computer game :

Sujet : [psysr-pe-announce] A Force More Powerful - Computer game
Date : 3/3/06 7:49:38 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Linden Nelson)
To: (

This looks good. I have ordered it, but have not yet received it. The resources on their web site would also probably be useful in teaching about nonviolence. If anyone has experienced this game and is willing to share a short review with this listserv, please let me know.

-Linden Nelson <>


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