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+---Topic: Can peace be guaranteed through nonviolent means? started by David Adams

Posted by: CPNN Administrator on Dec. 31 1999,17:00

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Posted by: CPNN Administrator on Dec. 11 2002,13:51

At Peace Day, described in Cheryl's article, the workshops on that day all had the same TEACH YOUTH and ADULTS alternatives to war/other means of violence for peace.

As she says, this was a great opportunity for people of all ages to come as one, to unite themselves against general violence, and to increase the peace. This method of "peacemaking" (war) been introduced to kids through their schools and through their parents. It's time we learned that there are many more succesful ways to create peace.
Posted by: Helen on Dec. 12 2002,14:37

I'm sure that nonviolent means can guarantee peace, at least for one day. All the peace keys were followed on Peace Day, October 14. The drumming sent a powerful message about solidarity. The drums were diverse as well as the drummers.
This was one of the few occasions in recent memory where young and old listened to each other with respect.
Posted by: David Adams on Dec. 28 2011,05:55

We have the advantage of an independent evaluation of the Nonviolent Peaceforce initiative in the Philippines conducted by Swisspeace.  The evaluation is very favorable, although in the end, as one reads through it, gets the impression that such initiatives can help but cannot bring peace by themselves.

< Here is the executive summary: >

Nonviolent Peaceforce in the Philippines can look back at more than two years of unique, relevant contributions and constructive engagement in one of the most difficult, political and volatile, contexts to work in: Being the only international non-governmental organization working with and living in close proximity to the most conflict-affected population in Mindanao, NP in the Philippines was able to support and enhance local structures of cease-fire monitoring, early warning, cross-community dialogues, human rights protection, to offer civilian protection and help to reduce the high levels of community violence.

The accepted offer to NP in the Philippines in late 2009 by the conflict parties GRP and the MILF to join the International Monitoring Team1 (IMT) and its Civilian Protection Component is a direct expression and result of its successful contributions to non-violence and violence reduction of the last two years.

To keep up the important work of NP’s project in the Philippines in the years to come, it is essential to ensure that the activities and objectives of NPP are based on a strategically and conceptually sound footing. This seems even more important given that NPP is going through a remarkable consolidation and expansion phase at the time of report-writing.

The re-focus on its key mandate, strengths and strategic advantages in Mindanao gives NP the opportunity to further enhance its unique work in the area of nonviolence,  peacekeeping and peacebuilding.


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