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Question: Promoting a culture of peace on a daily basis, Can conscious decisions to do this really make a difference? CPNN article: The fallen biker
CPNN Administrator
Posted: --

This discussion topic pertains to three reports: The Fallen Biker; What can we do?; and Peace Is Not Just the Absence of War.
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CPNN Administrator
Posted: Dec. 31 2002,14:03

Comment by Mary Lee in August, 2002

I agree we should try and live out a Culture of Peace in everyday life. The theme of the article, however, seems to point toward the fact that the author's choice to help may have been more instinctual than truly plotted out. This points to the need to infuse ethics and morality into all aspects of our education, beginning in the home and continuing through. A wonderful tribute to an updated version of the Good Samaritan.
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Posted: Dec. 04 2003,04:59

I have just discovered this group and cam across the comments about Random Acts of Kindness from last year.

My variation on that theme is hearts for Peace, a simple movement with the motto:

Peace in our Hearts
Peace in our Homes
Peace in our World

We encourage sharing hearts withothers as a sign of love and peace--hearts made out of fabric and fluff, hearts made of origami, postcards with the motto, etc.

It has been a powerful experience for me this past year as I have made hearts, helped others make hearts and given away hundreds or thousands of them.

If youwould like to know more, write to me at Heartsforpeace@yahoo.com or check us out on the web:  www.heartsforpeace.org See our map of states where hearts have been shared!

In solidarity for peace,

Nancy Regina

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CPNN Administrator
Posted: May 19 2004,10:00

To read more by Donna Henes, Urban Chaman, see her CPNN article entitled Hatred Bounces..
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Posted: July 04 2004,14:07

Re: What Can We Do?

We have never learned to share the planet or to save it from ourselves. Education is the place to begin.

  oGet our schools and universities to teach peace

  oTell our town counsel we refuse to have military parades,
  that they have gone the way of bear-baiting and public hangings

  oAnd tell fireworks specialists to stop the noise of bombs and rifle report, that they can have nearly silent performances elegantly accompanied by music

  oBoycott violent films, videos and television and offer children better and healthy choices

  oUse peace propaganda the way the administration uses war propaganda, by relentlessly repeating anti-war language; knit peace all day even while war mongers ravel it all night

  oCampaign to get the government to change euphemisms: operations, theatre, casualties, campaign, collateral damage, fought brilliantly, glory, friendly fire, daisy cutter; make them speak the truth.
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Posted: Oct. 07 2005,09:54

As PhD student in a Faculty of Education in Brazil, I found very important the discussion on the contribution of education to a peaceful world.

I think peace curriculum is possible since there is respect for cultural diversity, such as ethnical, religious, race, sex, gender and others in school's curricular and pedagogical practices as a means of building/developing values of tolerance and respect. There should be space in curriculum for students's voices, experiences and contributions. This way they will feel respectable and will also learn to respect the others.

Education may contribute a lot since it may help children and youth to become sensitive toward the importance of promoting peace among individuals, groups and nations.
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