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Question: Continuation of Resistance through non-violence in Palestine: An effec CPNN article: Resistance through non-violence in Palestine: An effective strategy to
CPNN Administrator
Posted: --

(The following is continued from the main article listed above.)

The current situation in the Palestinian territories is marked by the absence of projects, total despair and continued installation of Israeli settlements. An inhumane blockade  been imposed for more than seven years on the one and a half million Gazans.

In the West Bank the apartheid wall separates Palestinians from their villages and lands, not to mention the acceleration of colonization, checkpoints and enforcement actions taken by the occupation.

Faced with this situation, in their struggle against the occupation and their demand for their national rights, the Palestinians, despite their determination and various forms of resistance, have failed to realize their expectations: they
continue to be occupied and to see their land confiscated land by the Israeli settlers.

Our situation is influenced by many events happening in our region and in the world, which make the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict very difficult. It will take a real reflection on the part of all the Palestinian organizations to find a lasting solution to our conflict with the Israelis.

We Palestinians must organize ourselves, to live up to our own hopes and those of others around the world who are in solidarity with our cause.  We are trying to offer an alternative by means of non-violence, even if the Israeli occupation
continues its aggressive and violent against our people.

Resistance through non-violence is neither known nor approved by many Palestinians because it is not publicized, it is not supported, it is not a priority for the Authority and factions. However, it needs to be organized and to be practiced by the Palestinian citizens who can not remain indifferent to the confiscation of their land and their daily suffering.

It is true that the Palestinians resist daily by their strength and attachment to their land despite all Israeli aggression. But they must develop resistance against the settlers and against Israeli soldiers who come regularly on the territories that do not belong to them.

Non-violent action, contrary to what most people think, is the most difficult choice, because it requires technical coordination, cooperation and a real determination to be effective and deliver results more useful than recourse to violence. Non-violence is part of the popular mobilization that actually scares the occupying forces. Israel prefers the armed struggle and factions, because it is an excuse to bomb and attack to crush the Palestinians. It is precisely the development of non-violent struggle by the Palestinian people that Israel fears most for their image.

That is why we believe that the most important challenge for the Palestinians is to practice non-violent resistance, because this form of resistance not only develops human dignity, but ensures the independence and capacity of its supporters to endure retaliation and to fight against all forms of injustice.

The option of non-violence requires sacrifice, and, of course, it also requires patience. But our people are known for their ability to endure sacrifices for the land of Palestine. And above all we is known for our patience. For over 65 years, our people are suffering and despite all this, we resist and we remain hopeful. Yes, life goes on in Palestine.

The most important thing for us now is to try to mobilize public opinion in the world so that it is in solidarity with our noble cause and to get there, we need a change in our politics.  We must encourage participation of the entire Palestinian society in the development of our future national project.

This means that we need to highlight the non-violent actions organized in Palestine, so that the world knows that the Palestinians are aware of this concept civilized as people occupied defending their land, their freedom and independence.

And finally,it means that the duty of the international community should be to support the movement of non-violence in Palestine, not only to know about the non-violent actions, but also to boycott Israeli products in an international civic and institutional campaign and boycott the apartheid state.

This is why the choice of the Palestinian resistance of non-violence, with an effective and well-defined popular mobilization and official support on the one hand, and a boycott from the outside, remains a possible solution as a form of resistance to Israeli occupation in order to achieve our national goals and our aspirations to live in freedom and peace in our land.
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