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Question: Can Peace Poles work? CPNN article: Peace Poles: the Mantra of Peace
Posted: July 16 2003,21:35

Mr. Stolzman, I think your report sends a powerful message to those who read it:
Meaningful, positive things, no matter how small, can cause a great wave of change.  Your peace poll is a great example of this.
It is no corporation, it is no political office, and it is no army of thousands.  However, it is a symbol that represents peace in so many ways that it can't help but be inspiring:
1. Diversity- For it to have a peaceful message in 8 different languages shows how different people can all share the same message and hope of peace
2. Community- For three respected organizations in one single town to be a part of this peace poll shows how it affects more than just one person and can therefore change the world
3. Permanance- For the poll to always be a part of the town represents how peace shall always be a part of this world and humankind.  Wars will occur, but the message of peace will never be lost, for there will always be someone who will believe... someone who will have hope... and someone who will have enough courage and determination to once again shed its light, the light of peace.
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Posted: Aug. 25 2004,05:25

Showing how each step that we take for peace lays a foundation for someone else to take action, the peace pole now serves as the place where vigilers stand for peace in the town of Branford.  See new CPNN report, A Peace Vigil on the Town Green.
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Posted: May 22 2005,14:15

Do you know how many peace poles there are in Connecticut?
There is one outside the Friends meeting house where the CCPJ meets on Monday evenings. Many of the same people vigil in West Hartford on Saturdays. What did you need to do to get permission to erect the Pole on town property? I'd like to suggest that one be placed in West Hartford.
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Posted: Jan. 16 2007,15:11

Yes Virginia Peace Poles work! Are they the complete answer to world peace? No of course not, however they are a wonderful building block for a foundation to build world peace on.  They provide a constant visual reminder to everyone that sees one.  Quietly but constantly making people think about the possibility of world peace and how nice it would be.  G.B. Shaw said:
[/QUOTE][QUOTE]Imagination is the begining of creation, you imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine; and at last you create what you will

When you stop to think about it it makes sense.  200,000 peace poles around the world daily viewed by how many millions?  Every one desiring/imagining/willing world peace!  That is truly a significant foundation block.  
The Peace Poles have a kind of magic as well.  Everyone trats them with a kind of reverence.  I know, because I recently built one and gave it to the City of West Hollywood after a Peace Parade.  They have an amazing effect on people. Making everyone think of commonality and humanity.  If you doubt me take the time and go see a Peace Pole near you.  I promise you there is one somewhere not far from you!
May Peace on Earth Prevail

Paul Vauchelet
Contiguous Reality
Contiguous Reality
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