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Question: Work on "inner peace", When does it support and when does it detract from work on "world peace"? CPNN article: Newsletter Supports "Inner Peace/World Peace"
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Jan. 05 2004,17:41

Readers' comments are invited on this question and the article to which it refers.

Edited by CPNN Administrator on Jan. 05 2004,17:43
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Posted: Jan. 22 2011,09:11

Greetings.  The relationship between inner peace and world peace is exactly what interests me.  I feel that they are one and the same.  

My core idea about world peace is that you -are- world peace!  

Here is what I mean...  The outside world is only a reflection of what is going on inside each of us collectively.  And so, when enough people realize their true nature as world peace, the outside world will reflect this realization.  I didn’t come up with this idea by myself, but I do feel the deep truth within it, and so I have set up a website (www.youareworldpeace.com) to help other people experience the idea and feel the truth for themselves.  

All the standard work towards world peace (ending war, teaching tolerance, etc.) have good intentions.  But here is why my core idea is fundamental:

First of all, it is crucial to understand the difference between the level of cause and the level of effect.  The level of effect is just the very top thin surface of the deeper (and invisible) level of cause.  But since we can only see the level of effect, we often take that as the only level out there and so focus our actions on that.  But working only on the level of effect won’t really get you anywhere; you just end up with variations on the same basic problem.  This is because the level of cause is what determines what goes on regarding the level of effect.

For example, if you have a leaky roof and all you do is place buckets around to catch the water, that is working on the level of effect.  Maybe you could work on getting nicer buckets that are bigger or matched the décor, but you still have a leaky roof.  It would be much more effective to work on the level of cause and get the roof fixed.

My core idea is fundamental because it works on the level of cause.  It awakens you to the world peace inside of you, even if just for a few seconds.  As you continue to visit the website, these awakenings will accumulate in you as well as in all of humanity collectively.  And when a certain threshold is reached, this awakening will be clearly reflected on the level of effect, on the level of things that we can see.  World peace; global enlightenment.

So, the most important thing you can do for world peace is to simply be world peace; feel it inside of you as often as possible.  Realize the truth that you are world peace.  (The website is designed simply to do this.)  That is working on the level of cause, and it will bring about a new world all by itself.  That is how important you are; you are the important person taking care of world peace.  If you also feel moved to work on the level of effect (helping war victims, teaching tolerance), that could be a nice way to spend your time.  But you will only make progress on the level of effect if you ground yourself in the deeper level of cause by simply feeling world peace inside of you.

Please visit the website, feel the peace within you, and tell others.  Thanks!

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