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Question: HOW to "set a goal" for Women on Earth Today, WOMEN own less than 1% of land worldwide; let's CHANGE THAT ! CPNN article: Reflection on the Life of Wangari Maathai
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Dec. 31 1999,17:00

This discussion question applies to the following articles:

Reflection on the Life of Wangari Maathai
Powerful Synergies: Gender Equality, Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
Elles remboursent mieux et obtiennent moins
Women repay loans more but receive loans less
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Stella Jane
Posted: Oct. 18 2011,13:42


Although I never met Wangari Maathai, as a peacekeeper and corn holder here on Turtle Island, I've been aware of her work for over a decade.  I wish to invite any of her good friends to visit me because I would like to have known more of her.  We all benefit when women work the land.  What if the world had never known of her work, what a loss that would have been.

That is where I stand today, holding the corn and it is so "endangered"
and is a major staple FOOD of two continents!

How can we change this?  I use "in TENT SHUN all en cryp ting" here so
please observe caution because

There will never be peace while people are not in touch with the earth and growing food. Now that a MONSter on Turtle Island has ruined 97.5% of our sacred corn, we need to SHARE seed WORLDWIDE in PRIVATE HANDS.

These are my dreams >>~~~>

Feed ALL Children Educate ALL People
is the mission of Peace n Planting, here is how/why we are a church and GAIA our mother earth OWNs all SEED.
Gather in fields: the congregation.  
Plant seeds: the ceremony.  PRAY during the growing/watering.
Share WORLDWIDE: the communion.
Our right is to establish ideal human habitat; our DUTY for 7 generations. ALL kept as PUBLIC BENEFIT controlled only by real HUMANS, on GAIA our living planet. peace and planting our true way of life.  JOIN EACH OTHER fo'ward in dis generation, triumphantly!

(longer version below)
Feed ALL children Educate ALL people
The truth held highest is non-exclusion
People gather outside in groups.  This is the congregation.
Then we plant seeds.  This begins the ceremony.

We PRAY for good crops all during the growing/watering ceremonies.
We harvest and share with each other and pray/share with children WORLDWIDE ~~ the communion.
ALL belong to this huge church of the  
Great Spirit Great Mother Father God Goddess All there IS
ALL religions share these common ceremonies from ancient times.  
Neither can anyone say what is our food nor clothing, nor their names nor way we use them, nor claim our sacred seeds held from before any memory of humans by GAIA the living planet our earth our planet and people everywhere.  
It is our right to establish ideal human habitat, indeed our DUTY to do so, with care for the effects of our actions unto the seventh generation in the future.
Feed ALL children Educate ALL people
No corporations profit nor non-profit, only clean NO$$$ groups, clubs, organizations. Peace-n-Planting is a NO$$$ worldwide outreach.  
Any group can use the name that follows the way. That means the organization has NO MONEY, NO CASH.  Only the people working in agreement hold their own money.  They decide what they do, AND who pays for it AND who benefits.
ALL that is involved must be kept as PUBLIC BENEFIT and no part be owned / controlled by other than real HUMAN BEINGS benefiting other human beings.  We are ALIVE living on GAIA our living planet earth mother, and peace and planting our true way of life.
>>>~~~~~~~~>>  we fo'ward in dis generation, triumphantly!

Stella Jane

PS  see >>~~~~>  PEACE BIRD in the sky!  GIANT

Here are links to other earth inspired work
Number of Humanity   aka
"FIVE FINGERS" song, from Songs from Earth
by Stella Jane, who writes them down.



More WOMEN dead from AIDS than Men from WAR
1984 - 2010 RIP
Please smart business / political women.... listen to this video, and send suggestions.
Ask Fern Fedora if you have specific questions.
SEE the GREAT BARRIER Brief red-taped, regulation raped, and hidden in plain site at >>~~~>> http://janesway.net/FutureStyles/index.html

29 True facts about rabbits
Every pound of beef cooulda been SIX POUNDS of zinc rich rabbit!

(these parentheses exclude corpse which are not alive, and those who believe in percentages, for we MUST INCLUDE EVERY PERSON. No excuses.)

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