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Question: Is America Hated in Europe? CPNN article: Olympic Opening Ceremonies
Posted: Aug. 26 2004,14:23

I'm not sure how people with ambivalent feelings would respond to such a poll.  Most of the global citizens I know will make their feelings known with a distinction:  They like the average United States citizen, but extremely dislike the United States administration of Bush and the rest.  Fortunately, many of them are able to separate the two factors.  (Unfortunately, probably better than our administration is able to do about other countries.)

I also found it interesting to find in the same poll the statistics about United States citizens' attitudes towards the United Nations.  The favorable rating dropped from 77% in 2002 to 55% this year.  This is definitely due to the many disparaging remarks made by our administration regarding the UN.  With the US emphasis on competition and control so much at odds with the UN emphasis on collaboration, and with the US population getting so little objective media coverage of the works of the UN, it's no wonder.

May your days be such that your nights are filled with joyful dreams.
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Profile PM YIM 
Posted: Sep. 17 2004,15:16

I would like to share with you the following commentary that is circulating on the Internet in Europe (sent to me from a Muslim friend in France).  I fear that while this would have only negative impact in the United States, it will be heard with sympathy by many Europeans:

From "Ghazwan" <ghazwan_almukhtar@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 20:41:30 +0400

Bill O' Reilly, leading news commentator on Fox TV Said:

"I don't have any respect by and large for the Iraqi people at all  I have no respect for them  I think that they're a prehistoric group that is - yeah, there's excuses. Sure, they're terrorized, they've never known freedom, all of that. There's excuses, I understand, but I don't have to respect them because you know when you have Americans dying trying to, you know institute some kind of democracy there, and two percent of the people appreciate it, you know, it's time to -  time to wise up. The big lesson is that we cannot intervene using ground troops in the Muslim world ever again.  What we can do, is bomb the living daylights out of them, just like we did in the Balkans, Bomb the living daylights out of them. But no more ground troops, no more hearts and minds; ain't going to work They're just people who are primitive."

Dear Mr. Oreilly

I found your comments on the Iraqi people very unfortunate and shows your total lack of knowledge, and to say the least the lack of decency. Yes Mr. Oreilly only 2%, now may be less, of the Iraqi people appreciate the presence of the American forces in Iraq. Those 2% of the people, most likely,  came to Iraq on the back of the American tanks or were working for American forces or firms.

I need not to remind you, Mr. Oreilly, that your American forces have detained more than one hundred thousand Iraqi in one year time. Your American forces have tortured hundreds of them. Your glorious American solders have killed other thousands in prison in cold blood. These atrocities are not rumors, Mr. Oreilly, these are documented in US government reports. I know, Mr. Oreilly, that you are free to disregard these reports, for what every reason you want, but these reports shows the atrocities committed by glorious forces in total violation of the "civilized" norms that you are trying to teach the "uncivilized" world. I am sure, Mr. Oreilly, that more reports will come from the American government to tell the world that these barbaric actions were not done by only the "seven bad apples" as you and the rest of the DOD wants the world to believe. I know that decent people in America will not let such atrocities be committed in their name.

Yes Mr. Oreilly, America can bomb the #### out of the innocent Iraqi people, which they do with their F15, F16 and the Apache helicopters. America can kill as much as they want and claim that they are killing "insurgents". As an Iraqi living in Baghdad I feel very proud when America calls a 5 years old boy killed in the savage bombing as an "insurgent" it gives me the impression that every one, short of the CIA appointed gangs, are resisting the American occupation. Sadly, Mr. Oreilly, this gives me hope that a new resistance fighter has just been recruited.

I do understand, Mr. Oreilly, your point that we are a "prehistoric group". I have not doubt that you did not know that the Iraqi people invented the writing and that the first laws in human history was written in Iraq nearly six thousand years ago. I am sure, Mr. Oreilly, that while your ancestors were hunting, or may be eating human flesh my ancestors were writing the laws and history. It looks to me that you consider history started when you ancestors learned how to read and write not so many years ago.

I am sure, Mr. Oreilly, that it is best for your "cowboys" to "pack up" and leave. We will continue to sell oil to the world. I am sure, Mr. Oreilly, that the American ingenuity will find a way to convert the cow shit, or theirs, into bio-fuel and that way you don't need us, or our oil, any more. One thing for sure, Mr. Oreilly, we in Iraq want Americans to get the shit out of Iraq.

Like Mr. Bush, you Mr. Oreilly, you can claim, falsely, that the Iraqi people will not be subject to torture any more now that we are "liberated"?. While your Mr. Bush is bombing us daily into "democracy and freedom" you, Mr. Oreilly, could bomb the American audience with your hypocritical, slanderous and down right stupid reasons to kill more people. Mr. Oreilly you can fool some people some of the time but you can not fool all the people all the time.  


Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar

"prehistoric" citizen from occupied Iraq
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