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Question: Have you read this book?, If so, should it be on the culture of peace reading list? CPNN article: Book Publication:  Peace: A World History
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Feb. 27 2009,18:13

Here is the table of contents of the book, Peace: A World History:

Table of Contents

Introduction - How Does Peace Have a World History?
Chapter One - Survival of the Peaceful: Prehistory to the First  Civilizations
Pre-Human Peace and Peacemaking
Prehistoric Evolutions of Peace
Peace, Peacemaking and the First Civilizations
Chapter Two - Peace in the Ancient West: Egypt, Greece and Rome
A Tale of Two Worlds: Peace and Peacemaking in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece, Cradle of Western Peace and Peacemaking?
One Empire, One Peace: The Rise of Rome to the Pax Romana's Decline
Chapter Three - Peace in the Ancient East: India, China and Japan
The Many, the Few, the One: Peace and Peacemaking in Ancient India
Harmonies and Antinomies of Ancient China
Foreign Influences and Native Peace in Japanese History
Chapter Four - Monotheistic Peaces: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Shalom: Peace in the Torah and its Times
"Our" Universal Peace: From Christ to Constantine
A Pillar of Peace: The Qur'an and its World
Chapter Five - Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Peaces
A Tale of Two Cities: Medieval Peace and Peacemaking
(Re)Births of Peace: Renaissance Revivals of and Departures from Traditions
Reforming Christian Peace and Peacemaking
Chapter Six - Peace, Peacemaking and the Ascent of Nation-States
Intra-National Peace and Peacemaking
Inter-National Peace and Peacemaking
Peace and Peacemaking Despite Nation-States
Chapter Seven - Colonial and Imperial Peace and Peacemaking
Peaces of the World: Colonial Peace and Peacemaking
The World in Peaces: Imperial Peace and Peacemaking
Chapter Eight - Modern Economics of Peace and Peacemaking
Capitalism: The Profitability of Peace and the Cost of War
Who Owns Peace? Socialist Perspectives
Chapter Nine - Peace in the Twentieth Century, Part One: 1900-1949
The "War to End all Wars"
The Peace to End all Peace?
Chapter Ten - Peace in the Twentieth Century, Part Two: 1949-1989
Cold War/Hot Peace
One World, Many Peaces
Chapter Eleven - The Presents of Peace
Globalization: Peace at the End of History
Threatening Opportunities: Terrorism, Technology, New Media and Peace
Conclusion - The Pyramid of Peace: Past, Present and Future
Selected Bibliography
Works Cited
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