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Question: Artistic expression, Can it help us understand the values of other groups and peoples? CPNN article: Art for Peace
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Dec. 31 1999,17:00

This discussion question applies to the following articles:

Art for Peace
Art for Peace and Collaboration --- Samrup Rachna
Art for Individual Transformation
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CPNN Administrator
Posted: May 01 2012,07:47

CPNN has received the following addition to the article about Samrup Rachna from its author, Dr Anwer

How common language and common values , common hoistry , common heritage and common collective behaviours of the people of South Asia (  India and Pakistan ) can be utilized to bring them closer to achive common goal of peace and prosparity . The effort to highligh these commonalities is explained in a lecture on his forth comming book by Dr Anwer titled " Apni Boli Apna Samj" our own language and culture .

Kuch Khaas: Calligraphic Expression of Apni-Boli

Highlighting the commonalities between India and Paksitan will bring the people closer ? Our Language ( Hindi-Urdu) and our Smaj ( Culture+Society+Traditions) are same then where is the the problem ?
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