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Question: Poetry to promote a culture of peace CPNN article: Poets for Peace
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Dec. 31 1999,17:00

This discussion question applies to the following articles:

Poets for Peace
Une jeune malienne de 15 ans gagne le concours des « Chemins de la culture de la paix »
Young Malian aged 15 wins “Pathways to a Culture of Peace” contest
Gwangju, Korea: The 1st Asian Literature Festival
Hall’s poetry about more than ‘black history’
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Ada Aharoni
Posted: Mar. 30 2004,09:24

www.iflac.com/ada/ :O

Dr. Ada Aharoni's view is that through poetry, people from both sides of conflicts, might come to understand each other better, and that this understanding can lead to the promotion of peace, as she explains below:


"The real profound difference between human beings is their Culture:  mainly, their Cultural Heritage, Literature, Poetry, Language, Values, Norms, Traditions and their History.  In the case of people in long conflicts - like the Israelis and Palestinians - feelings of fear,  mistrust  and lack of understanding have been piling up in their hearts and minds over the years, on both sides.

Only a suitable vehicle that can reach and profoundly penetrate through those layers of mistrust, suspicion and fear, can overcome those separating boundaries and build bridges of trust and respect for each other's humanity.  The best vehicle for this delicate operation  is the magic and healing of the Poem, with its words of comprehension, feelings, care and tenderness. The poem has the marvellous ability to create bridges of trust and love.

Peace Poetry  can also  impart the important and crucial message  that we all belong to one family, the family of humanity, and that violence and terror only lead to chaos, destruction, sorrow  and deep pain and misery on all sides.

In every conflict there are two stories. The Poem of Peace, because of its wonderful ability to present both  sides in all its reality, pain, hope and yearning for  peace -  can lead to mutual recognition and reconciliation, and to the building of confidence, trust, respect and love."

Included below is a Poem Ada wrote about her memorable meeting with a Palestinian New Friend in Gaza.

Your  shy smile under your veil
and luminous dark eyes in the theatre of life, of strife,caught my eye
in the Ability Center in Khan Yunis, in Gaza.
I invited you to take a picture with us
and you charmingly agreed. I gave you my peace poetry book in Arabic translation,
you read and said:
"You love Peace as much as I do!"

You gave me your address, for more of my books, then pointed out from the window to the
impressive new buildings in Gaza, and wistfully whispered:
"We have to build Palestine with peace poems too" - and we became new friends.
With women it is as easy, as natural, as human as that.

You asked me about my children,
I asked you about your family, your plans,
you showed me your artwork,
I showed you my writing, my pictures,
You showed me your  impressive museum
with gorgeous embroidered Palestinian dresses.
You sweetly asked: "Which one do you like best?"
I pointed to the dark blue with red embroidery,
Like the one I used to wear in Egypt, a long time ago,
"I'll embroider it for you, and send it to you to Haifa," you promptly,  softly said.
I was so moved, and hugged you dear Siniora,
my new friend in Gaza.

When our blue bus drove away, we both had tears in our eyes,
my wonderful new friend in Gaza -
With women it is as easy, as natural, as human as that.
Men! Learn from women for a change.
Let women help you make peace, make friends.
With women it is as  easy, as natural, as human, as that.
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