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Posted by: CPNN Administrator on Dec. 31 2002,13:00

Prior to establishment of the Discussion Board, readers of this article were genuinely impressed with the Orphanage Outreach program and the contribution it makes to promote a Culture of Peace. Several readers commented that in addition to charitable programs like this, "fair and just legislation"; is needed to ensure that social problems are adequately addressed. Health care and education were given as examples of issues that require top-down policies that are fair and equitable. In short, programs like Orphanage Outreach are necessary but not sufficient in order to solve social problems.

Comments also referenced political issues like George W. Bush's Faith Based initiative legislation. Specifically, it was noted that Bush might be advocating charity in order to make cuts in social services.

One reader made an interesting comment about volunteerism. He noted "there are some charities out there that are more beneficial to the volunteer than the recipients"; although the comment failed to identify specific self-serving charities. It would be interesting to hear about some of these charities and how they promote the status quo rather than change.

Posted by: David Adams on Nov. 05 2011,14:18

I just re-read the < article about Joseph Wresinski > after coming back from a demonstration of "Occupy New Haven," one of the hundreds of initiatives associated with "Occupy Wall Street."  The message of both is clear.  Charity is no solution to our problems today.  What is needed is solidarity and indignation!  Charity has enabled the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer.  Solidarity and indignation can lead us to a new world of social justice!  We are coming into "interesting times!"

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