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Question: How can we get informed about what is really happening in the world? CPNN article: “It Is Not My Job To Engage The Ignorant”
Posted: Dec. 04 2004,14:26

Here is the continuation from the main article: “It Is Not My Job To Engage The Ignorant”

At the University of Connecticut Human Rights Conference, a panel session was held that included Ofelia Barrios who is an advocate for human rights, immigrants, women and HIV prevention, Nkosinathi Biko who is the son of Steve Biko and the chairman of the Steve Biko Foundation, and Elizabeth Blunt, an international correspondent for the BBC.  Other panel members were Salim Lone, a commentator on relations between Muslims and the West, and former director of communications for the UN mission on Iraq, Paula Newberg, a guest scholar at the Brookings Institution; formally special advisor to the UN and the UN Foundation, and Gregory Alonso Pirio, CEO of EC Associates, a media consulting firm based in Los Angeles and Washington DC.  The panel shared their experiences with human rights and the media and warned students about the obstacles that they faced in these experiences especially when dealing with the media.
Others applauded the media for informing the world to get people involved in issues like HIV/AIDS, the apartheid movement, and other problems especially in Africa and the Middle East. The students were advised that borders exist for states, but the news and media can travel across those borders freely. They stressed that both precise and skewed news can travel across the international system because of this freedom of the media. The true theme stressed by the panelist was that we are all subscribers to the media and that we can no longer accept such bias when reporting stories.  It was shown that it is the individual’s responsibility to make themselves knowledgeable; they can’t expect others to do it for them.
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Julie Friedlander
Posted: Dec. 04 2004,14:29

Masekela's comment was truly ingenious.  The crowd bursting out in laughter was no exaggeration.  Ignorance however is not a laughing matter.  As I was privileged enough to be in the audience of the university, it was okay to acknowledge people make mistakes, but essential to attempt to overcome ignorance and rid ourselves of these ridiculous stereotypes.  Hopefully by engaging students, and we are all students in some form or another, we will develop more realistic perspectives on that which we cannot comprehend without first hand experience.  The conference was truly an event to promote awareness and human rights education.
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Posted: Dec. 05 2004,12:23

I can imagine the frustration of the Ambassador from South Africa...and I respect her position....but I'm not sure how much I agree with her statement.

If it was just meant as a joke to illustrate how ignorant people really are, that's fine. But, she can't possibly believe that people will learn everything about a culture just from reading a book about it!? If there's no interaction with people from other cultures, there will be no education about other cultures - it's that simple.

I very strongly believe that ignoring ignorance is the worst sort of elitist educational philosophy. Good educators need to engage the ignorant and misinformed as worthy human beings, and all people working for a culture of peace should be good educators. Walling yourself off to ignorant people or passing the job of education on to someone else (like a boring book) only perpetuates the problem.

That's my 2¢, anyway. Does anyone else agree/disagree??
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Tony Dominski
Posted: Dec. 08 2004,14:39

I agree with Joe.  Humor is good.  Ridiculing ignorance is bad.  Provincial people need to be engaged by enthusiastic teachers.  Cultural exchange needs to be done person to person.  Booksalone can't cut it!
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Posted: Jan. 15 2005,12:40

I too like Patricia have been ignorant to what is happening around the world.  It is important for all of us to know what is really going on.  The greatest way that we can do this is through the exchange of information.  Due to the sometimes misrepresentation of information supplied to us through the media we must have other avenues on which to go.  This web site is just one way that you can get the real deal.  Through communication and education we can continue to keep all of us imformed.
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Posted: Jan. 15 2005,12:42

In responce to the global movement for a cultural of peace article, I agree we can not depend on only the evening news to find out whats going on in the world. It is important to find other sources such as books, international news sites on the internet, Tv and newspapers, which focus more on the global news and not just on whats the most current events or disasters that are taking place in the world at a particular time like the Hartford Current does. There is so much more to learn than what we see and hear through these sources of media that we watch on the evening news. It is important to learn about the other sources and educate others on what we learn. :)
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Posted: Mar. 02 2005,22:54

I suggest two sources of information about what is really happening the world: WAMC 90.3 FM in Hartford. Alternative Radio is an excellent source, s is WWUH 91.3. WHUS carris Amy Goodman of Democracy NOw.

The reason for being of the mainstream media is to sell advertising. I respect someone like David Barsamian who supports his program by selling CD's.
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