This month marks an important advance in the Culture of Peace News Network. For the first time, almost half of the articles are submitted by CPNN reporters. This is important because it begins to make CPNN self-sustaining instead of being fully dependent upon the editor to write or seek out all of the news about the culture of peace.

This has always been our goal, as stated on the homepage: "It is a self-sustaining network in which You, the reader, are invited to write a news report and contribute to its discussion, and eventually to become a reporter." However, despite the fact that over the past two years more than 150 readers have submitted articles to CPNN, it has taken until now to establish a network of regular reporters.

The CPNN reporters who contributed this month come from all over the world, which is also one of the long-term goals of CPNN. Reporters work in various ways. This month, some of the articles describe events in which the reporter was directly involved. This is the case for the articles by Gwenaelle Beauvais from France (preview and results), by Antonio Palazuelos from Cape Verde (preview and results), by Balkrishna Kurvey from India, by Barry Weisberg from the USA, and by Dr. Diana Tashkova from Bulgaria.

Other articles were submitted by Janet Hudgins from Canada who regularly searches the Internet for news articles about actions that promote a culture of peace through sustainable development, women's equality, or human rights. She obtained permission to reprint two of these articles where the sources indicated that permission is needed to reproduce. Additionally, an article is shared by Shreya Jani (STEP) from India who writes a regular on-line newsletter and shares it with CPNN.


Cidadania y paz

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In the months and years to come, it is hoped that many others of you will contribute as reporters, either about events in which you are engaged or relevant articles that you find on the Internet.

In recent weeks, I have contributed one book review and one play review, and in the future, hopefully, some of you will also submit reviews of books, films, Internet videos, etc. that promote one or more of the eight areas of the culture of peace.

In the future, CPNN can play an important role in the continued advancement of the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace by sharing information among its actors. As stated in the United Nations Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace, "Partnerships between and among the various actors as set out in the Declaration should be encouraged and strengthened for a global movement for a culture of peace. A culture of peace could be promoted through sharing of information among actors on their initiatives in this regard."

To achieve its future potential, CPNN needs to become self-sustaining.

Dear Reader, your help is needed!


Massachusetts Peace Action Statement on Boston Marathon Bombing


International Symposium 2013 "Science, Technology and Culture of Peace" (France)


The Three Heroines of Guatemala: The Judge, the Attorney General and the Nobel Peace Laureate


Peace & Human Rights Training for Women at Nagpur, India

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Assault on Peaceful Co-existence (Nagaland, India)


These intellectuals, guardians of traditions (Africa)


Ethiopian journalist Reeyot Alemu wins 2013 UNESCO-Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize


Book Review of Moon Shadow of War; How a Young American became an Anti-War Activist

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Please send us articles about the work of your organization and other culture of peace news. (see We look forward to hearing from you.

Peace, through struggle,

The CPNN Team